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Hospital EMFs Can Affect Healing

I found myself in multiple hospital and emergency rooms these past couple years, both with my father who passed away in early 2020 and then with my husband who had a health crisis later that year that lasted many months. Initially, I had not considered the amount of EMFs and wireless radiation in a hospital room.

At one point, however, after staying in the hospital for hours and days at a time, I started feeling the effects of being around so many electronics and so much wireless technology. I recognized the symptoms after previous experiences with smart meters installed on our house and exposure to dirty electricity. (See previous articles.)

So, I decided to record the number of electronics and wireless devices in a typical hospital room. Continue reading

Informative Links for Optimal Health

I am back again, sharing information from some of my favorite holistic-minded practitioners and colleagues. As I have mentioned before, it is important to learn from a variety of people and sources so that you can better make your own informed decisions. Take what resonates with you and/or keep the information handy for when you need it.

A variety of informative links are included below: fertility, heart health, group healing and cancer biology. Each article or video gives you insight into some of the newest information on health; information that might not be easily found elsewhere. Continue reading

Your Fascia and New Ways to Hydrate

I have read about the fourth phase of water several times over the last few years and even tried multiple versions of structured water. However, it was not until I saw the video above that it really made sense – how critical the fourth phase of water is to hydrate your body.

The fourth phase of water, as discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack, is not the H2O liquid, vapor, or solid we learned about in school. It is actually H3O2. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning For Strong Immune System

As a child I remember helping my mom “spring clean” the entire house, moving furniture and thoroughly cleaning every surface. I have to admit that I am not as diligent as my mom when it comes to my own house. However, Spring is a also a great time to clean out and prepare your body for the warmer months.

A good cleanse can help with allergies as well as your immune system. You also want to be prepared to support your body when bitten by ticks, fleas, and other bugs. And, don’t forget to limit your exposure to EMFs and wireless radiation, both of which can weaken your immune system. Learn more below. Continue reading

C-virus V*ccine – Are You Informed?

I do not typically write about v*ccines since it is such a polarizing topic and it is one of the most censored topics on the internet, but I feel this information on the newest v*ccine is critical for you to make an informed decision. V*ccines are a personal choice that each person should make after analyzing ALL the formation available and considering your personal health situation. Unfortunately, not all information is readily available unless you know where to look. Many links below to websites you should consider following for additional information going forward.

UPDATES: Since originally posting this article, more information has come to light and some experts are stating that this is not a v*ccine after all, but rather gene therapy. Click here to learn more. As of June 2021 all versions of the c-virus v*ccine have been approved only for “emergency use” in the US and have yet to be fully tested. As of late May, here is a summary of typical adverse reactions to the shots and related deaths in 12-17 year olds and in general. Plus a more current article with more details. We are also hearing of many women, both v*ccinated and unv*ccinated, having menstrual problems as well as pregnancy and fertility issues, some of which is explained here and here. If you already had the c-virus, read this article before considering the shot.

July 2021 UPDATES: A recent and comprehensive interview about the c-virus and the related shot from a MD that has treated both can be found here. Listen to this 7 minute talk by Dr. Tess Lawrie to learn more about Iv*rmectin specifically, so you can be better prepared going forward. Plus latest injury and death reports from CDC VAERS data. (Keep in mind that other v*ccines have been pulled off the market after less than 100 deaths.)

The concept of v*ccines is a noble one that can sometimes be very effective. In fact, my dad often spoke highly of a v*ccine used on their cow farm when he was growing up that saved most of the animals from an illness spreading through the country. Some human v*ccines may have saved lives as well.

However, today when there are multi-million-dollar pharmaceutical companies and many political agendas involved, there is sometimes a wide gap between the original v*ccine concept (of using the original infectious agent) and the final product typically used today (a shot with many additives and toxins).

Each v*ccine comes with a potential risk and that risk is different for each person. Continue reading

C-virus Part 4: Our Personal Journey

I have written before that I am not afraid of the c-virus. And, for the most part, I still believe that – even after a very bizarre personal family experience with the virus. Turns out it was the unknown things happening around us that were more nerve-wracking. As I tell you our story below, I will include things we did as a family to recover.

In early September, Continue reading

Can Your Mask Be Hurting You? What You Need to Know.

UPDATE 2020: A new negative affect of wearing masks for extended periods has come to light, this time from dentists who are beginning to see more cavities and gum disease since the higher use of masks. Dentists share my concern of continually breathing in your own microbes. We all have them in our mouths – they are an extension of your gut’s microbiome. If your microbiome is out of balance and you have more bad bacteria in your mouth than good bacteria, you could be making matters worse by wearing a mask and breathing through your mouth. If you have been wearing your mask for extended periods and you know you have potential dental issues, you may want to schedule a dentist appointment and get your teeth and gums checked out. In the mean time, breath through your nose when wearing a mask. See additional tips below.

Now that more and more cities, town and states are requiring masks in public places, I wanted to put out a few words of caution. The science is still not clear. Is a mask really beneficial? Does it truly prevent the spread of the virus? Can it cause more harm than good?

It is confusing, especially when the experts and government officials give us conflicting information, first telling us that masks were not necessarily protective and now telling us the opposite.* The truth may lay somewhere in between. And, it may depend on various factors.

As masks are required to work, go to school and be in public, it is time to consider some downsides of wearing masks, especially for longer periods of time. They can potentially hurt you. I am even more concerned about our children as they go back to school. I will explain below the possible negative effects and provide suggestions to minimize potential problems. Continue reading

Summer Fun: Are You Prepared for Sun and Bugs?

I have written quite a bit about building your immune system and keeping it strong. That is your best defense against things like viruses and bacteria.

Now that summer is around the corner, I want to make sure you have the best solutions for fun in the sun and potential bug bites, including ticks. How you handle these two things can either boost your immune system or knock it down. Read on to find out more, including how to properly remove a tick. Continue reading

C-virus Part 3: Hope, Not Fear – Prevention and Healings Are Taking Place

UPDATE: Please note that certain search engines and social media platforms have been removing natural health videos and other information from their sites, so some of the links below may no longer be working. Dr. Brownstein’s office has been helping many with COVID-19 symptoms using natural remedies (with one resulting hospitalization and no deaths). He was censored and his interviews and website/blog were eventually shut down by the FDA because he had no studies to back up his successes.

This is not your typical narrative. Many on the front lines are making great strides and helping people. Despite what you have been hearing, it is possible to heal from COVID-19, even if you get very sick. I will be sharing a number of links, some of which are videos interviewing medical professionals and/or actual patients who recovered.

You can see the success stories for yourself. I want you to live with hope and not fear.

Yes, people have died, but now that we know more, many more are recovering even without going to the emergency room. Many, many more have had this virus with little to no incident. In fact, it is thought that as many as 50% may be asymptomatic! This is possible if your immune system is strong.

First I want to share with you the latest list of possible symptoms, since there are many more symptoms than originally thought. Be sure to continue to read to the end. This article contains much valuable information, including tools you should have at home. You will find the information useful, especially if you or someone you know gets sick. Continue reading

C-virus Part 2: More Safety Tips and New Dispensary Available

There are currently multiple states in the US with confirmed cases of the current strain of the coronavirus (c-virus) and unfortunately some reported deaths, including in Tennessee. Now that it has hit closer to home, I wanted to remind everyone to stay calm and in a place of peace.

If you listen to the news, it brings you to a place of fear. So much of the news consists of small sound bites that do not necessarily give you the bigger picture. Yes, people are dying from c-virus or the disease known as COVID-19. But, the numbers are much fewer when compared to the annual number of people who die from the flu. And, it’s the people with a compromised immune system that are most affected.

In fact, some of us are walking around with a virus of some sort and do not know it. If your immune system is strong, it is often able to fight off microbes without any symptoms. Most commonly, this new Corona virus causes symptoms very similar to the common cold. (More symptoms explained below and in my newer article here.)

Remember what I wrote previously. Staying calm and stress-free is a big part of staying healthy. Instead of feeling the need to “fight” the virus, continue to concentrate on building your immune system (as I explained in more detail here in Part 1) and using tools like meditation, prayer, and deep breathing to stay centered.

Another way to stay stress-free is to be prepared, just in case you or someone in your family gets sick. Read on to learn more about supplements and other immune building strategies. Continue reading

C-virus Part 1: Great Resources for Corona Virus Safety

Lots of information is being distributed by many sources about the new coronavirus (c-virus) and its related disease (COVID-19). I have been following it too, from my holistic-minded point of view.

I wanted to share with you a well-written, balanced article by a medical doctor I trust who has nicely organized the main facts and recommends many of the same things that I do.

See this article by holistic pediatrician Elisa Song, MD for the latest details.

Just like other viruses, people hit the hardest are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

The good news is that children seem to be relatively protected from the COVID-19 with few getting sick compared to other age groups. Pregnant women who contract the virus in their third trimester are also continuing to have healthy babies.


What I wrote in this previous article about the last virus outbreak still applies: Protect Yourself from the Flu – Concentrate on Building Your Immune System. Keep reading below for many additional resources so that you can stay prepared.

In general, immune-building basics include: Continue reading

End-of-life Planning – It Is Never to Early to Plan Ahead

end-of-life planninFirst published in April 2018 when my dad began having health issues at the age of 85, this updated article now includes additional end-of-life information (see epilogue below), based on what we have learned during this two-year process and dad’s eventual passing in January 2020.

I usually write about the many ways to heal your body. However, after my own recent experiences working through the trauma of an aging parent, I wanted to pass on my newfound knowledge in the hopes that it helps someone else. My brothers and I wish we had had a better map to follow as we negotiated the twists and turns of decisions that needed to be made as we tried to do what was best for our dad.

If you have an aging parent or if you are a parent with older children, I would strongly encourage you to do the uncomfortable — to have those end-of-life discussions with your loved ones before it is too late. Talk about options, preferences, wishes, etc. (See links below.)

I had some of those discussions with my parents over the years, but as my four brothers and I have come to find out these past couple of months, these discussions were not enough. The legal documents put in place were also not enough.

It has been a rough couple of months for my family, especially my dad. Below in the epilogue the story continues during the last two years of dad’s life. Continue reading

My Family’s Natural “Medicine Cabinet”

Now that the weather is getting colder and you hear about more people getting sick, I thought I would give you a quick peak into my family’s natural “medicine cabinet.”

It differs greatly from a typical medicine cabinet, filled with drug store medicines. Instead it includes herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, and even food and beverages.

Because the colder months bring shorter days with less sunlight and therefore less time to be outdoors for fresh air and exercise, we also make sure to put extra beneficial things into our bodies. Warm foods and beverages are key – things like drinking heated bone broth and vital veggie broth, drinking a variety of organic herbal teas*, and eating nourishing soups.

When we start to feel under the weather, here is a list of our favorite things to have on hand: Continue reading

New Techniques to Search for Quality Health Information On-line

UPDATE March 31, 2022. Since first publishing this article in September 2019, on-line censorship has exploded, especially as it relates to natural health. It is more difficult than ever to get reliable health-related information that shows more than the medical paradigm. This article has been updated to help you stay informed, so you can make the best decisions for your health and that of your loved ones.

If you like to do your own health research on-line, you should know that censorship has hit the natural health industry with a vengeance.

It was already bad enough in late 2019 that Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has one of the largest and longest running alternative health websites, decided to leave Facebook, leaving behind 1.8 million followers. By the end of 2021 he was forced to remove 25 years of archived natural health articles from his website.

Originally, the natural health censorship started banning certain topics like alternative cancer therapies and pro-choice vaccine information. Then it moved on to natural health therapies and health freedom websites.

Now many of the top alternative health websites and social media platforms, including those by licensed medical doctors, are being affected. If you search for a specific health-related topic, previously popular links are no longer being provided.
Continue reading

How To Listen to Health Summits and Docu-Series

I am a big fan of self education, especially when it comes to your health. Whether you are working with a medical doctor or a more holistic practitioner, one person cannot possibly know everything. It is good to do your own homework.

As an active participant in your own health, the more you know allows you to ask intelligent questions as you work through your particular health issue. It empowers you and allows you to be a partner in the healing of your body.

There is so much great information on the Internet, especially when researching health issues. The problem, however, is that if you research long enough, you will notice conflicting information.

You need to look at the source. You have a wide variety of Continue reading