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Easy Salad Meals at Home

Cooking from scratch is the healthiest way to eat, but I like to plan ahead so that I have enough food left over from one home-cooked meal to make a quicker meal the next night. If you preplan your meals, you don’t have to cook as often.

In my family, we enjoy a large salad as a meal at least a few times a week. What makes it filling is adding the meat and other left overs from the night before.

The best part is that you can easily customize your salad based on what you have in the house. It is an easy meal and a healthy one too! You can’t go wrong.

The cooler Fall weather is bringing in fresh lettuces and other greens, so now is a great time for salads. This week we enjoyed a salad with curly leaf lettuce and arugula from our local farmer’s market.

Salad Fixings for an Easy Salad Meal

Select options from each of the categories below and make your own creation. (All ingredients are dairy and gluten free.) Get creative and try different combinations of ingredients until you find your favorites. Two of ours are pictured above. Continue reading

Salmon Salad

20160225_125126 BESTcroppedI know this is not your typical Valentine’s Day recipe, but good quality salmon is good for your heart!

The best salmon to use is wild caught. Sockeye wild caught is even better. You definitely want to stay away from farm raised so be sure to read your labels and really know your source. In my opinion, farm raised salmon actually hurts your health since the fish are fed genetically modified (or GMO) grains instead of their native sea foods, are given antibiotics due to the overcrowding and sickness, and are often dyed to make them look more pink like wild salmon.

Instead, use wild-caught salmon. Continue reading

Bone Broth and Other Recipes: Thinking Ahead to Thanksgiving Dinner

“We’re really looking for more than just health of parts. We’re looking for happiness of whole.” – Shilpa Saxena, MD

When we had our big Thanksgiving dinners as I was growing up, it was my job to debone the turkey afterwards. We all looked forward to turkey sandwiches the rest of the week, but what I really enjoyed was finding the wish bone and making a wish.

If you are eating a good quality turkey this Thanksgiving, one that is free-range and GMO-free, don’t forget to save the bones and make bone broth.  Continue reading