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Is Your Produce Safe to Eat?

We are about to be bombarded with a new level of food manipulation. Are you ready? Below I have linked a must see video and included links to other resources to get you up to speed on the newest produce-related technologies and ways to avoid it.

Manipulation of farmed produce began with pesticides, many of which were made from chemicals left over from WWII.

Eventually, genetically modified (GM) seeds were developed to allow more chemical spraying “without damaging” the plants.  (Learn more about GMOs here.) Originally declared safe, these GM foods are damaging and negatively effect the microbes in our bodies, especially the gut.

More recently, gene editing (most often referred to as CRISPR technology) took “genetically modified” to a whole new level. (Watch the video in the link to learn more.)

And, now we will be forced to eat a plastic coating, known as Continue reading

What Is In Your Fruits and Veggies??? – What to Look for When Purchasing Produce

Are you purchasing produce that is making your healthy or sick? If you are still eating produce grown with pesticides, please consider the following:

  • pesticides are known to accumulate in the body over time
  • pesticides tend to accumulate in the fat tissue of the body, such as breasts and prostate glands, which can affect healthy tissue in these areas
  • studies have linked the amount of pesticides eaten to emotional stability

You may consider eating organic to be more expensive, but in the long run you are saving much more in health problems and future medical bills. Continue reading

Know Your Pesticides – The Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen by EWG

1“... children are much more sensitive and vulnerable to chemicals than adults are.”
― Dr. Philip Landrigan, MD (Dean for Global Health at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City)

If you are not yet familiar with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and their food lists, you should check them out. Known as the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen,” these lists help you to minimize your pesticide intake. Continue reading

MSG and Food Sensitivities – What Can Happen When You Let Your Guard Down

MSG photo 469640170_0b86c910c0 - cropped

Photo Credit: The Other Dan via Compfight cc

I did not expect my first blog to be about MSG (monosodium  glutamate) but it hit close to home last weekend. This story is also a good lesson in food sensitivities.

We had a lovely dinner with some friends on Friday night – we have been wanting to expose our six-year-old son to new foods so we tried a Thai restaurant. It had been a while since we have ventured outside our usual few hangouts. . . . and I forgot to ask for “no MSG.”

The food tasted great. But within an hour of eating, I started to get a headache. A classic sign of MSG exposure. Continue reading