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Click on the links below or use the pull-down menu above to review the various tools and services available at Life Design for Health.

Initial Phone Consultation
An optional 15-minute free consultation is available by phone before we start working together. Let’s make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Typical Assessment
Most assessments consist of a comprehensive CyberScan biofeedback scan, which is customized to the needs of the client used in conjunction with muscle testing. Flower essences and EMF/wireless interferences are also checked in every assessment.

Typical consultations include the following and can be done in person and long distance. (It is best for the first appointment to be done in person.) These prices include the cost of the imprinted card.

  • Initial Consultation and Screening – $350 (approximately 2 hours long)
  • Follow-up Screenings – $140 (approximately 60 minutes long)

Acute Assessments and Other Services
Shorter assessments are available for acute issues. Examples include: cold and/or flu symptoms, food poisoning, flower essences for emotional distress, muscle testing only, and EMF/wireless radiation “protection” consultations.

These services (as well as typical consultations that go beyond the allotted time) are charged at $35 per 15 minutes plus $10 for the cost of the imprinted card if required.

Postage and other products are additional. 

Please contact me to schedule an appointment or a free initial 15-minute phone consult.

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