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Morning Smoothie – Fruity Coconut Milk with Kale

In our house we tend to rotate our breakfasts throughout the week, alternating between smoothies, eggs, and paleo granola. Smoothies are great because they are fast to make and you can take them with you. You can also add a wide variety of healthy ingredients, which is a great way to start the day.

Each smoothie I make typically includes a fat, a fiber and a protein for a well rounded meal. A green leafy vegetable is a must and I sometimes include a ferment so we get some good probiotics. (Ferments include things like kefir water, kombucha, or even yogurt if you can tolerate dairy. See Healing Foods for more information on how to make your own ferments.)

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Romaine Green Drink (Low Oxalate)

As a family, we juiced many greens over the years using a wide variety of vegetables. In fact, years ago, my husband made me a veggie juice almost daily when I was pregnant.

However, some juices are too sweet to drink every day, like those with carrots, beets, and/or apples. Other juices contain veggies that are too high in oxalates for everyday consumption – things like spinach, beets, celery, chard, just to name a few.

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My Favorite Herbal Teas

I was a fairly typical kid in the 1970’s. Soda was not allowed in our house except for special occasions. Instead, I got my daily dose of Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid and Nestle ice tea were our main source of liquids when we needed something to drink. We even made popsicles with Kool-Aid!

That all changed when my family “went natural” when I was 16 years old. (See more of My Story here.) Out went the Kool-Aid, the ice tea, and even the milk. In came the reverse osmosis water and herbal tea. It took a little while to get adjusted, but it was not too bad once we learned there were a wide variety of tea options.

Current Favorites

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The Wonder of Lemons

As a fruit, the lemon is typically too tart to eat on its own. In fact, most people think lemons are acidic. They may taste that way in the mouth but once inside your digestive system, your body considers lemon juice alkaline.

Lemon juice has many healing uses. The wonder of lemons include: Continue reading