My EMF Journey

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I am writing my EMF story in the hopes that is helps you and your loved ones. My husband and I learned a few lessons the hard way over multiple years. At each step in our journey, we learned a little more that helped us overcome and heal. We would have never imagined that something that we couldn’t see, hear or smell could affect our physical, metal, and emotional health so drastically.

As you will see below, electromagnetic fields or EMFs encompass many things: electrical frequencies, magnetic frequencies, wireless (microwave) radiation, dirty electricity, geopathic stress, and blue light. Collectively known as electrosmog, all of them can potentially create health problems. As you read through our journey, I will explain the various forms, how each affected our health, and what we did to remediate what we found. 

Some common health issues that result from electrosmog exposure include sleep issues, heart palpitations, headaches, ringing of ears, dizziness, brain fog, tingling extremities, behavioral problems, sore joints, etc. However, long-term exposure can actually create a number of different health issues you would never think were EMF-related until you start looking, things like seizures, cardiac issues, thyroid problems, digestive troubles, eye problems, and even diabetes and cancer.

Learning About Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

My journey with EMFs and the toxic effects of electrosmog in general began in 1999 when my husband and I lived in a house built in the 1940s. It was a wonderful old stone tutor house that we spent several years fixing up. However, during this time my husband developed chronic insomnia. After seeing several health practitioners and trying a variety of health regimens, there was little change. It was not until we met Gary, who provided healthy home inspections, that we found the answer. EMFs caused the insomnia!

Turns out that the room we were using as our master bedroom is also where the electrical service came into the house. In fact, the (analog) electrical meter was located on the outside of the house directly behind my husband’s head where he slept and the electrical panel for the house was located in the basement below the bedroom on the wall adjacent to his side of the bed. He was getting exposed to two high-powered sources at once! That night we started sleeping in the upstairs guest bedroom. Over time, my husband’s sleep did improve, especially when we also addressed his nutrients, which had been depleted by the EMFs.

During this process we additionally learned that most of the electrical wiring in our house was emitting high EMFs. The house still had the original wiring from the 1940s. The wires were wrapped in cloth, rather than that the more shielding plastic used today, so both the electrical and the magnetic frequency readings were extremely high when close to the wires.

Since the electrical panel was in the basement on one side of the house that meant many wires were running back and forth under the floors to get to the various electrical outlets in the walls. There were high EMF readings in many locations on the first floor (near the floor) where we walked and sat. As a result of the readings provided by the EMF meters, we were able to rearranging the furniture in some rooms to reduce exposure.

Checking For Geopathic Stress

Eventually we sold the house and build a new one. This was a very different experience. Armed with the knowledge we gained from our first house, we met with the builder to discuss wiring, location of outlets, etc. We even made sure the electrical panel and electrical meter would be located as far as possible from the living and sleeping areas of the house.

I remember arriving at the job site one day to check the construction progress. They were digging a trench in the front yard to run the electrical main to the house. However, I found them digging to the closest corner outside a room we planned to spend a lot of time in and not to the garage where we had discussed. I arrived just in time to stop the process, get the required approvals, and have the line run to the correct location.

Before we started building or even purchased the lot, we had Gary come back out to review the land. By then we had learned about geopathic stress and wanted to make sure this property would be okay.

Geopathic stress consists of negative energies that can emanate from the earth. These stresses can be underground waterways, fault lines, tectonic movement, etc. There are also certain energetic grid lines that run horizontally and vertically around the globe called the Hartmann grid and the Curry grid. If you find yourself sleeping or sitting for extended periods over one of these negative energies, it can affect your health over time. (Original studies in Europe in the 1920s correlated high cancer rates to homes, and more specifically to bed locations, with high geopathic stress.)

We learned that our selected lot had one main issue: an underground waterway that was affecting the energy of the land. However, it was running at a diagonal through only part of the lot. We found that if we reversed the floor plan of the house, this waterway would run under a corner of the garage only, not the living spaces. So that is what we did and we moved forward with building.

Multiple Problems from Wireless Exposures

When we started building our house in 2003, wireless technology was still more or less in its infancy. During construction, our home was wired with Ethernet cables so that we could connect the TV and computers to cable without the use of wireless (Wi-Fi) devices. We knew that being around too much Wi-Fi can cause health problems over time. In fact, we still used old-fashioned corded phones in the house instead of cordless phones for the same reason.

However, ironically, it is because of wireless technology and the RF or microwave radiation it produces that our sleep issues would return. By this time, over 11 years later, we had bought and moved into another fixer-upper house. We had dealt with some electrical issues and made sure our bedrooms were far from the electrical meter/panel. We also used the crawl space to wire the house for cable TV and internet so that we did not need to use Wi-Fi. However, other things out of our control started happening.

This time it was my sleep that was most affected. I would wake up every morning at 5 am like clockwork and could not fall back asleep. I could not figure out why. This never used to happen before, however, it was not until I was raking leaves in the backyard several months later that we had some answers. I discovered an electrical “smart meter” had been installed on our house. When I called the electric company to find out when, the date closely corresponded to when my sleep issues started.

At the time smart meters were a fairly new phenomena. I could find some information on the internet but not much. It took a few months of trial and error and trying several protection devices, but we eventually figured it out. Within days of installing a “smart meter cover,” my sleep started to improve. I could tell I was sleeping deeper and I no longer woke up at 5 am. (I blogged about the experience and smart meter covers in more detail here.)

Later, I came to realized that many of my old Lyme-related symptoms had come back as well. I had been slowly feeling worse and worse during the smart meter exposure, but I had assumed it was related to my lack of quality sleep. I had used natural methods to conquer my Lyme Disease years before, but once I was sleeping better again I started recognizing my old symptoms and went back to some of my old healing protocols. (I found out later that Wi-Fi exposure can increase microbe and fungus activity in the body.)

This smart meter experience also answered another recent health mystery. I had been having problems with the joint in my left knee the year before and no one could figure out why. Previous to this I walked regularly, practiced yoga, and played tennis, but suddenly I could do none of these things. It was difficult to walk stairs, sprint, etc. My knee just would not cooperate and I could not trust that it would support me.

The problem started soon after moving into our last fixer-upper and we had changed insurance companies. Our new car insurance company wanted us to install a USB-type device under the dashboard to check our driving status as a means to lower our rates. I had to mail it back after a three-month period, so I assumed it was collecting the information directly from the car. I found out later that it was transmitting the information wirelessly the entire time. Once I removed the device at the end of the 3-month period my knee slowly improved on its own, but I had not connected the dots until the smart meter incidence.

We ended up having a second smart meter installed on the house over a year after the first one. Our house was an old duplex, so the house had two meters. Originally, only one electrical meter had been replaced with a smart meter. This time I at least knew right away when the second one was installed, because I was home when the utility company knocked on my door. (They had already replaced the meter by the time I answered the door and found them in the back of the house.)

Unfortunately, I had to wait a couple of days for another smart meter cover to arrive in the mail. During those three days, the smart meter ended up causing me to have hot flashes for the first time! (You can learn more about this and how I resolved the hot flashes in my blog post here.) I now know that I could have temporarily wrapped the smart meter with 3 layers of aluminum foil using duct tape. It would have not been a good long-term solution, but it would have worked until the cover arrived.

More Geopathic Stress Issues to Consider

During the first smart meter saga, I began investing in EMF meters so that I could monitor possible EMF and wireless radiation exposures for myself and my family. That is how I knew that the smart meter covers were limiting our radiation exposure to Wi-Fi. In fact, I had Gary come and confirm my readings before and after the first smart meter cover was installed, so that I had the confidence I was doing it right.

While Gary was there, we also had him check our current house and property for geopathic stress. What we found was quite shocking. Where I had been working on my personal computer for extended periods of time the previous two years was on a geopathic stress “hot spot. This meant that not only was I sitting above an underground fault line that contained water, but at the same point over the ground also perpendicularly crossed a Hartmann and a Curry grid line.

Most likely it is because I was the only one in the family exposed to this “hot spot” regularly that I was more susceptible to the effects of the smart meters. We will never know for sure, but we had Gary remediate the geopathic stress as much as possible and I moved my computer desk to another room in the house as soon as I could. (Remediation included strategically placed copper rods and special diodes both inside and outside the house.)

The Problem With Dirty Electricity

In some townships, you can easily opt out of a smart meter and usually pay a small monthly fee to help pay for the “meter reader” to come out to read your old-fashioned analog meter. However, not all towns and/or cities allow you to opt out. Where we live, the monthly fee is quite high and was prohibitive, especially with two meters on the house. It would have doubled our electric bill some months.

We thought we were good with the smart meter covers. We felt better and slept better with the covers installed and I could tell from my RF radiation meter that the covers where limiting the RF radiation. However, what I did not know is that certain devices, especially smart meters, caused additional electrosmog in the house, something called dirty electricity.

I learned about dirty electricity in more detail when I was at a Lyme-related conference in 2018. Good “clean energy” remains at 60 Hz throughout a building (in North America or 50 Hz in Europe). Dirty electricity, however, occurs when other frequencies “surf the wave” or create high frequency transients and/or harmonics that ride along the wiring. These spikes radiate into a room or space and affects the people and pets in the room.

In addition to smart meters, other common household devices that cause dirty electricity include other wireless systems, dimmer switches, compact fluorescent light bulbs, chargers for electronics, etc. Many of the newer energy-saver appliances also do this. (You can learn more about dirty electricity here.)

When we checked the outlets in our house with a special meter made for dirty electricity, we got some extremely high readings, especially at the outlets near the smart meters! (Optimally, electrical outlets should have a reading of 30 to 50 and one had a reading of almost 1000!) These outlets were right next to the geopathic stress “hot spot” we discovered the year before, further explaining my new sensitivities to EMFs and wireless radiation.

After adding Stetzer filters in various outlets throughout the house, we were able to reduce our dirty electricity and get every outlet below the optimal 30 GS range.

Reducing Blue Light Exposure

Another item we addressed more recently is the blue light being emitted from our various devices: cell phones, iPads, tablets, TVs, computer monitors, etc. It is now known that this blue light causes sleep issues in multiple ways: effecting your circadian rhythm, your pineal gland, and how you process melatonin.

The key is to limit the blue light as much as possible, especially at night before going to bed. Eliminating the use of all devices 2 to 3 hours before bed is optimal, but usually not realistic. Many newer devices allow you to reduce the blue light by changing the settings. There are also apps you can download to help you manage the blue light, automatically reducing the amount of blue light later in the day.

We have taken an additional step and purchased special blue light-blocking glasses that we wear at night when we use a devise between dinner and bedtime. It really helps give us a more restful sleep!

Closing Thoughts

Because of previous health issues that began during childhood, I tend to be more sensitive to the world than the average person. Kind of like a “canary in a coal mine,” my body seems to find unusual health triggers before the next person. (See My Health Journey here.)

However, as the use of technology increases, more people are starting to react to EMFs and wireless radiation than ever before. Science is now confirming what I have suspected all along: exposure to EMFs and other sources of electrosmog is cumulative. Over time, if exposure is not limited, health problems will likely occur. I have already been there and as you can see have learned a lot. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Technology is not all bad, and it is here to stay. I still use a computer, but I most often use a wired desktop computer, which emits fewer EMFs, and disable all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. When I do use a laptop computer, I unplug it and use it in battery mode to reduce the EMFs. I also use a cell phone, but use it in limited ways (as explained here). The overall goal should be to limit exposure to the invisible toxic effects of electrosmog.

For more details on how you can reduce your own exposures, use the links provided above or type in “EMFs” in the search box provided on this website for additional articles. I have found that true healing cannot occur unless your exposure to electrosmog is also addressed. I help educate all my clients as we work together on their unique healing journey.

If you suspect you are negatively affected by electrosmog, removing as many sources as possible is optimal. (Many are explained in the lists found here.) However, you also need to address other health issues that may have resulted from your exposure, things like nutrient deficiencies, increased microbes/fungus, imbalanced microbiome, heavy metal issues, etc. Since each person will be unique, please contact me for more information.

Check out my many Instagram posts to learn how to protect yourself from EMFs and wireless radiation and how to incorporate more helpful and healing frequencies into your life!

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