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Future of Healing is Here

To help you get a better understanding of how the CyberScan system works, I wanted to share a great documentary called The Living Matrix. It explains the human body in a way that we are not typically taught.

It explains how healing takes place on many levels, just not the physical level of DNA, cells, and organs. Indigenous people instinctively knew these concepts, gifted energy healers can actually sense/see it, and today’s science is beginning to prove just how beautifully interconnected we are.

Learn about epigenetics and morphogenetic fields (or body fields) and how correcting information in the morphogenetic field, which includes all the energy fields around our body, can help the body at the physical level. . . . It goes way beyond Newtonian science and gives much more hope to healing the body.

Use the links below to watch the trailer and full-length movie for free. As you watch, know that there are tools and therapies currently available that can be used to access and correct your morphogenetic field. One of these is the CyberScan system, which is available at Life Design for Health. Other therapies are explained in the movie.

NOTE: To skip straight to the explanation of the morphogenetic field, start at minute 48 in the full-length movie below. Continue reading