How To Listen to Health Summits and Docu-Series

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I am a big fan of self education, especially when it comes to your health. Whether you are working with a medical doctor or a more holistic practitioner, one person cannot possibly know everything. It is good to do your own homework.

As an active participant in your own health, the more you know allows you to ask intelligent questions as you work through your particular health issue. It empowers you and allows you to be a partner in the healing of your body.

There is so much great information on the Internet, especially when researching health issues. The problem, however, is that if you research long enough, you will notice conflicting information.

You need to look at the source. You have a wide variety of people with all sorts of experience posting information: medical databases, scientific research sites, medical doctors, natural practitioners, everyday people who healed themselves, etc. The information can be based on scientific research, clinical experience, and/or personal testimonies. All of this can be helpful but some sources may be using old science and/or techniques and some are even purposely discrediting others. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the right answer.

Another reason for conflicting information is that no two people are the same. There can be more than one cause, and therefore different healing protocols, for the same health issue. And, every person’s body and health history is different, so what works for one person does not necessarily work well for another.

When you are new to a health topic, one of the best ways to learn is through on-line health summits and docu-series. Someone else has already done the legwork for you – found and interviewed the leading experts and people with similar issues who are seeing real results.

Most health summits and docu-series are based around one particular topic with multiple speakers, so you can really immerse yourself in it. On the other hand, the amount of content in such a short time frame can be overwhelming. An on-line event usually lasts a week and has two to four hours of content to listen to each day before the content changes again. It’s difficult to maintain listening to this much for multiple days in a row.

To help you, here are some of my tips for listening to health summits and docu-series:

  • Most important: don’t go into information overload! Try to find at least one new health-improving tip from each speaker, something you can make a commitment to and apply to your daily life. It’s overwhelming to begin changing too many things at one time.
  • Health summits will have multiple interviews per day. You don’t have to listen to every person to gather good information. Read the description for each talk to see what appeals to you. Select the ones that call to you the most.
  • If it is a docu-series, read the description for each day and decide ahead of time which ones you will listen to. The first episode is typically a good place to start because it introduces you to the topic/experts and usually summarizes the remaining episodes.
  • Keep in mind that most on-line health events will have an “encore” weekend where all the talks and/or episodes are available for free one more time. So, if you missed one speaker or episode earlier in the week, make a note so you can easily find it during the encore.
  • Most of the events can be purchased, allowing you to own all the interviews. If there is a topic near and dear to your heart, especially one specific to your health challenge, you can purchase the package and listen to everything at your own pace. (It is usually much cheaper to purchase the talks before the event starts and/or before it ends.)

Check out some of the health events below or do a search on-line to find one geared to your topic of interest. . . Happy learning!

JUNE 11-20
Discover intervention breakthroughs and how to navigate options for parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders
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JUNE 20-26
Learn about the many ways medical cannabis is being used to heal and save lives. Learn how this sacred plant prevents, treats (and even beats) cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and much more.

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Learn to comprehensively (and easily, in many cases) address possible toxic sources, and turn your home into the “health haven” it is meant to be: preventative, restorative and calming! They will address water, air, textiles, paints, cleaning products, EMFs, and much more.
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JULY 9-15
Even though candida is an important part of your digestive process, if unchecked, it can cause serious damage to your health. Discover the many symptoms it can cause and stretegies to correct.
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JULY 17-26
New strategies for combating genetically modified (GM) foods are being discovered. Learn how you can protect yourself and your family from the devastating effects of GMOs and Roundup (glyphosate) based on their new, leading-edge research.
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JULY 17-22
Learn how the campaign for fat-free and reduced-fat products, much of which is based on bad science or no science at all, has made Americans so unhealthy and overweight..Find out the “real skinny” on Fat, Ketosis, Fasting, Alzheimers and more in this new award winning documentary.
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JULY 23-29
Discover how to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It can be done! Be sure to listen to Dr. Dale Bredesen who has many success stories to share.
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JULY 30-August 3
Listen to 25 expert presentations on ground-break research and the discovery of nutrition and related strategies that are proven to improve the health, learning, and behavior of those with autism.
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This article was written by Sharon Harmon, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website. Including additional suggested resources (books and articles) by topic, a pantry list that is gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free, and a healing foods list.

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