C-virus Part 4: Our Personal Journey

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I have written before that I am not afraid of the c-virus. And, for the most part, I still believe that – even after a very bizarre personal family experience with the virus. Turns out it was the unknown things happening around us that were more nerve-wracking. As I tell you our story below, I will include things we did as a family to recover.

In early September, my husband started having some abdominal pain and found through a scan he was passing a kidney stone. When a stone works its way through the urethra, it can be quite painful. Some say it is worse than giving birth. This stone was quite large, so he started taking an herb known as stone breaker to help the body reduce the size of the stone and expel it. He had done this before with excellent results.

However, at one point the pain became too much. I took him to the emergency room. Turns out his pancreas had become inflamed and was pressing on his biliary tract, causing a buildup of bile and hence the additional pain. We had not expected that!

We All Tested Positive

What was even more surprising was that in the ER he tested positive for the c-virus. (They test everyone upon arrival.) Next thing we knew, Chris was in quarantine in the hospital and no one could visit him. I really thought he had a false positive, because that can happen 30 to 40% of the time – he had absolutely no typical symptoms except for some fever which was not unusual with the amount of pain he was in.

I asked the hospital to retest him to make 100% sure, but they do not do that. Instead, my son and I got tested. It finally convinced me when we also tested positive. (We had had some sinus congestion after recently returning from a musty Florida rental condo, but that was it.)

We were now in a situation I never expected. My husband was quarantined in the hospital and my son and I were quarantined at home. When you test positive, the state health department gets involved, wanting to know who you have been in contact with, calling to check on you almost daily, and telling you when you are clear to leave your house. In Nashville, you are clear to leave the house 10 days after testing positive.

What We Did at Home

I was comfortable at home: I knew what to do. I had done my research. In fact, I pulled up my own blog articles to make sure I was covering “all the bases.” (I will explain more about this below.) By the time we were tested, Zach and I were already feeling much better (from what we thought was mold exposure), but adding a few c-virus protocols helped even more.

Zach was better in no time. I would like to say I was too, but the stress of my concern for Chris and dealing with the hospital long-distance put an extra strain on me.

What We Did at the Hospital

The staff on the hospital C-VID floor was awesome. The nurses immediately told Chris they were not afraid of the c-virus and they treated him extremely well. The problem was that Chris needed a procedure to relieve the pressure his enlarged pancreas was putting on his bile ducts, and the doctor was hesitant to move forward because of the positive test. After a few days it became apparent they wanted to treat the non-existent symptoms of the c-virus rather than the main issue.

Thank God for the C-VID nurses who end up being our advocates – they made calls for me and helped us get things rolling. They were also my life line to Chris. Chris had his cell phone and could call me, but he was still in so much pain and on several medications he was not fully aware of everything. He would put me on speaker phone when the doctors came in the room. However, anyone entering the room had to wear full PPE gear, so they were very difficult to understand. I ended up calling the nurses station to get updates. Ultimately, it was a nurse who advocated for us to get the procedure done to relieve Chris’s extreme pain and prevent further complications.

We are also very thankful for one particular doctor who initially listened to me and allowed me to drop off nutrients for Chris. I had explained that Chris and I had done our research. In fact, one study had just come out the day before he went to the ER, proving that taking high doses of Vitamin D3 kept hospitalized C-VID patients out of the ICU. I put together what I thought was the most critical supplements and had them delivered to the hospital for Chris. These included liposomal Vitamin D3/K2, homeopathic zinc, fulvic iodine, Vitamin A, and an omega-3 supplement. (I had to keep it simple and easy for Chris to take on his own, the first two being the most important.)

So, as the medical team continued to figure out things on their end, Chris and I could talk by phone and continue to build his immune system so his body was more prepared for whatever came next. We also had the extra benefit of prayers from many family and friends as well as additional healing energy being sent to Chris from an energy healer working on Chris long-distance.

What happened next was a very bumpy ride. The doctors finally figured out how to relieve Chris’s bile duct with a procedure that would not compromise them or the hospital due to the positive c-virus results. That was great.

After the procedure, Chris felt much better and even came home a few days later to finish his quarantine with his family. It was short-lived, though, as we ended up back in the ER later that night. He went back to the C-VID wing. Some doctors had changed, but his favorite nurses were still there. 🙂

Besides the fever that seemed to go along with the pain, he had no typical c-virus symptoms, not one. Two weeks after his positive test, he was finally moved into a regular room where he was allowed two visitors per day. So, I was able to see him twice each day – pray with him, run energy on him, and do the other things I know to do.

He came home again after a few days, but five days later there was a third emergency room trip. (Once again, I had to wait in the car until since I was not allowed to enter the ER with him.) This time there was a new abdominal pain, much worse than before. All his various scans and tests had shown improvement over the previous week: pancreas reducing in size, bile ducts flowing good on their own, liver/kidney/white blood counts all improving, etc. Something else was going on.

Turns out that some of his pancreatic tissue had died (become necrotic) and now there were two sacks (abscesses) of fluid building up around his liver and spleen. They had to operate the next day!

The surgery was a success and I have to say it is incredible what modern medicine can do when it becomes necessary. They drained the rest of the pancreas, drained the additional fluid abbesses, and removed the dead pancreatic tissue. Luckily, he still has a good portion of his pancreas left and the pancreatic duct remained intact. He also ended up with three temporary drainage tubes sticking out of his abdomen so they could monitor things.

A week later he was well enough to come home. After a total of 3 weeks in the hospital, he had lost close to 50 pounds. He also had two drainage tubes remaining in his abdomen and he had to continue an IV antibiotic at home for another 3 weeks plus take multiple other medications. I will write more about his recovery process at a later date.

Why Did this Happen?

There is still no explanation why this all happened. Some might conclude it was because of the c-virus. The doctors don’t know. Did the delayed bile duct procedure make it worse? We will probably never know.

What we know is that:

  • Chris’s family has a history of pancreatitis, so this might be a weak link for him as well.
  • We had just returned from staying in a musty rental condo in Florida, which had noticeably affected Zach and I.
  • After the trip, Chris went back to work in a high EMF/wireless environment, working extra hours to make up for the vacation time. EMFs/Wi-Fi are proven to increase mold growth.
  • Chris was actively passing a kidney stone that was causing severe pain, weakening his body overall.
  • Like many of us, Chris goes through periods of time where he eats more junk food than he should and this was one of those times.

Was it the c-virus or was it the perfect storm that had weakened his immune system, causing a cascade of issues?

This is why protecting your immune system is so critical. Zach and I were exposed to the same funky rental condo during our vacation. We also tested positive, but saw few symptoms and easily recovered. (See more about protecting your immune system here and here.)

Our Home Strategy

Because Zach and I already had what seemed like a summer cold, or more likely were detoxing from mold exposure, we were already taking certain nutrients.

Once we tested positive for the c-virus, what Zach and I did at home included:

  • Increased our immune building nutrients like liposomal Vitamin D3/K2, iodine with fulvic acid, minerals, bone broth, probiotics, etc.
  • Added quality Vitamin A for a few days
  • Improved our zinc levels at the cellular level using a homeopathic zinc (another option would have been a zinc supplement with quercetin)
  • Added a binder known to help with viruses
  • Breathed in BioMolecular Oxygen (with purified water) using a nebulizer several times a day
  • Drank several cups of cistus tea daily, which is a known anti-viral
  • Monitor our oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter (see this video)

Our main symptoms were slightly congested nose and sinuses. Later we had a couple of nights waking with night sweats. Most of the symptoms were gone in a few days once we were more proactive with the steps I noted above. The fatigue lasted longer, closer to three weeks, so we took daytime naps when possible.

Luckily, we had already stayed close to home when we thought we might have had a head cold, so we were in contact with very few people before getting tested positive.

We did not end up doing the Brownstein nebulizer protocol, which I have discussed in previous c-virus articles and has been a lifesaver for many, mainly because we did not have any lung issues. The protocol might have helped with our sinus congestion. Instead, I used the BioMolecular Oxygen and iodine tablets. If I were to do it again, I might combine the liquid oxygen with a drop of liquid Lugol’s iodine.

What to Do Pre or Post C-virus

During this entire experience, I continued to delve deeper into the research. In the process, I found a homeopathic protocol that my family is now doing as a preventative and to strengthen our resistance to possible future exposures. It is a Banerji Protocol created by the Banerji doctors and homeopathic practitioners in India and made popular in the US by Joette Calabrese. I explain this protocol here.

Being prepared is critical, whether is is the c-virus, the flu, or a future virus. Read my previous c-virus articles and have remedies on hand should you need them. (You can use my dispensary if you need a place to purchase quality products.) Already having things at home helped Zach and I tremendously and it allowed me to quickly send remedies to Chris in the hospital.

Also, continue to improve your lifestyle and ultimately your immune system, so you are more resilient should you get sick.

As you can imagine, we are glad to have gotten to the other side of our personal experience with the c-virus. If you test positive and have additional questions, please contact me for more details.

NOTE: If you know you are prone to kidney stones, changing your diet can make a big difference in reducing the problem long term. You should also consider doing semi-annual kidney cleanses. Chanca Piedra, for example, is an herb known to break up kidney stones. Contact me for more information.

This article was written by Sharon K. Harmon, PhD, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health by looking at the body from a unique perspectives. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website, including a healing foods and pantry list and recipes that are gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free. She is also passionate about EMF safety.

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