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Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie (with Meat and Optional Organ Meat)

The dinners in our family have been needing a little more variety, so I recently tried something new: Shepherd’s Pie. However, instead of the typical potato topping, I used mashed cauliflower. It was delicious and it will definitely be a repeat in our family.

It is a good recipe to include (or hide) a variety of vegetables. I typically add shredded carrot any time I use ground beef. In this recipe I also included Broccolette (or broccolini), a natural hybrid of broccoli and Kai-lan (a Chinese kale). You can substitute with broccoli and/or kale instead.

If you are a meat eater, this is also a good recipe to include organ meat, since the look and flavor will be hidden by the flavor of the overall dish. Continue reading

Quick Healthy Spaghetti (with Meat)

20161022_194150When I cook dinner for my family, I like to pack in plenty of vegetables. I also like to spend less than an hour cooking our nightly meal. This recipe meets both requirements, using fresh veggies along with some prepackaged ingredients to make it a quick fix. I recently made the entire meal in 40 minutes. It may not be your grandmother’s spaghetti that took all day to make, but it gets rave reviews from my family as well as our friends (adult and children). And, the added veggies are a bonus. Serve with a side salad and enjoy! Continue reading

Oma and Opa Soup (Meatball Soup)

Named after my parents (Oma and Opa being Dutch for Grandmother and Grandfather), this is the soup my mother (and later my father) made weekly when I was growing up, slightly modified here. It is great for kids because all the vegetables are blended. And, many of the vegetables are similar to the Vital Veggie Broth so you are getting healthy electrolytes too!

Younger children love to help make this soup. They can help you roll up the meat balls and break the pasta into pieces before putting them in the pot.

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