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I have been blessed with many great clients over the years. Here is what some of them have had to say. . . .

Overall Healthy Living –Sharon’s wisdom and knowledge of all things health, holistic and healing have been such a blessing to our family.  She has guided us towards a more holistic and healthy way of living while empowering us to trust our own intuitions about our health and happiness.  Sharon is truly blessed in the art of healing!-RR, Nashville, TN

Support During and After Cancer Treatments – “Sharon genuinely cares about her clients. I reached out to her after having received a (stage 4) cancer diagnosis in February 2012. I wanted to do everything within my power to beat my disease, which would include natural ‘treatments’ in conjunction with my traditional medicine/treatment plan. Sharon ‘screened’ me and played the biggest part in developing a supplemental & dietary plan for me. Realizing and being sensitive to my skepticisms about alternative/holistic methods, Sharon introduced me at a pace I was comfortable with and respected my non-holistic decisions by working with/around them. I strongly believe that her life design for me was crucial in keeping my body healthy through 2 years of chemo and 3 surgeries… and continues through to today, with on-going screenings and tweaking of my supplements. I credit Sharon for being one of the reasons I am still here today.”  Susan, Chicago, IL

Ongoing Stomach Issues – “My daughter had been having stomach issues for over a year. We tried many, many things, including spending thousands of dollars on getting her tested for food allergies (of which she had none save for mild lactose intolerance). She would eat very little, and invariably would get a stomach ache that would render her lying in a fetal position for hours. Her school life suffered, her home life suffered – everything was touched by this ailment and life was a daily struggle. It hurt us to see her hurting and not be able to help. . . Then I took her to see Sharon at Life Design for Health. She tested my daughter – it was very low-key, and at one point Sharon was testing for strains of strep; I didn’t realize there were so many! Then the machine reacted to something, I looked over and saw it was a particular strain that we had suffered through three years prior! We had all gotten it (parents and child) and had been prescribed the strongest antibiotics available as that particular bacteria was impervious to most antibiotics. But that was three years ago!!!  Nevertheless, Sharon said the antibiotics didn’t wipe it out, rather it had embedded in my daughter’s digestive system. We were given tinctures and probiotics, and within weeks noticed a difference. Within two months my daughter was pain free and continues to be, to this day. . . .We are very grateful for Sharon, her knowledge, her “pure health” philosophy and her commitment to finding the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms.” – BC, Nashville, TN

Low Energy and Mental Clarity – “I am 68 years old and was suffering from extremely low energy and drive, as well as diminished clarity. A friend introduced me to Sharon; and after her evaluation, she provided products which improved my health significantly within a few months. In addition, Sharon publishes blogs containing healthy recipes, food recommendations, and critical information related to issues such as water purity and purifiers, unhealthy foods and food contents —as well as suggestions for healthy alternatives. Her blogs are well written, easy and enjoyable to read. She has a calming, helpful, supportive presence and presents information with clarity. I recommend her to everyone, especially those who have had difficulty finding solutions through traditional medical fields.” – SRB, Fayetteville, TN

Relieving Trauma – “Sharon Harmon is an amazing healer. Using her extensive education in naturopathic healing, combined with the amazing tools she uses to read your body systems, she has helped me through many healing crisis. Sharon has an ability and drive to really research the problem to help the body shift to healthier levels. The supplements Sharon carries are always of the highest quality available. If you are ready to walk a more natural path to wellness, Sharon is the way to go! . . . I screened at one point for needing a mudding product to heal and clear up energy draining issues from mild head injuries and from several operations – long since “healed” by western medicine standards. Wow, what a difference! Even after the first treatment amazing clarity came to me and a wellness I had not experienced for many years. Thank you Sharon!” – Reverend Barb,

Overall Health – “You are the very best healer I have been to.  I have tried countless practitioners, but none have the wonderful caring approach you have. You are there for questions and there are always questions and you also check to see how we are doing and this is not the norm. Thank you for your wonderful help, I feel so fortunate!” – RO, Nashville, TN

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