Bio-Individual Nutrition

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Making changes in your diet is a huge part of getting healthy. Certain foods can heal the body and other foods can harm the body; however, it is not always clear which is which. Even foods that may seem healthy can be harmful to some. Each of us is unique and requires what is called bio-individual nutrition.

A term first made popular by Julie Matthews, with whom I have studied, bio-individual nutrition is a science and an art. For those who are new to eating more naturally, just getting rid of processed foods with preservatives and dyes, removing fake sugars, and replacing bad fats with good quality ones can make a big difference. Removing genetically modified (GM) foods is also huge.

Gluten is another food that is especially hard for the body to digest. Many need to stop eating gluten-based products, even temporarily. This allows your body more energy to work on other things. Others may need to eliminate additional food groups such as dairy (casein), grains, sugars, certain phenolic-based foods, high oxalate foods, and even fermented foods. Certain healing diets may also need to be modified for the individual – these include paleo, vegan, Weston Price, vegetarian, SCD, GAPS, etc.

Part of the work we do together is determine which foods need to be eliminated and/or added specific to your needs. Many healing foods are explained here and many gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free recipes are included in the blog section of this website, making it easier to incorporate the right foods into your daily life.

For a more personalized review of your bio-individual nutrition requirements, contact me to schedule an appointment.

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