C-virus Part 1: Great Resources for Corona Virus Safety

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Lots of information is being distributed by many sources about the new coronavirus (c-virus) and its related disease (COVID-19). I have been following it too, from my holistic-minded point of view.

I wanted to share with you a well-written, balanced article by a medical doctor I trust who has nicely organized the main facts and recommends many of the same things that I do.

See this article by holistic pediatrician Elisa Song, MD for the latest details.

Just like other viruses, people hit the hardest are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

The good news is that children seem to be relatively protected from the COVID-19 with few getting sick compared to other age groups. Pregnant women who contract the virus in their third trimester are also continuing to have healthy babies.


What I wrote in this previous article about the last virus outbreak still applies: Protect Yourself from the Flu – Concentrate on Building Your Immune System. Keep reading below for many additional resources so that you can stay prepared.

In general, immune-building basics include:

  • Limit your stress – Stay informed but don’t get caught up in the fear, since negative thoughts and emotions hinder your immune system. Limit your time watching the news. Use the same basic protective measures you would in a regular flu season (wash your hand, cover your mouth, etc), but don’t obsess.
  • Limit your intake of processed sugars, bad oils, and junk food – Ingesting sugar lowers your immune system resistance for five or more hours.
  • Reduce or eliminate dairy – Dairy is naturally mucus producing in most people (even though you may not notice it).
  • Eat more nutrient-dense foods – Spices like garlic, oregano and thyme are naturally anti-microbial. Eat organic fruits and veggies whenever you can as well as quality animal products. Fermented foods and bone/veggie broths are also very beneficial.
  • Eat organic as much as possible – The more you can eliminate toxins, the healthier the body. This includes pesticides. We now know that glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp (used on GMO crops) prevents your body from absorbing Vitamin D3, depletes your minerals, and so much more.
  • Drink lots of quality water – This includes water, coconut water, and herbal teas. Opt out of sodas and fruit drinks.
  • Keep moving – Exercise helps keep your immune system in top shape. Take a brisk walk outside or if limited on time bounce around in place.
  • Limit your exposure to EMFs and Wi-Fi – Electronics, screens, Bluetooth, wireless routers, etc. all put additional stress on your body. (Learn more here.)
  • Get in nature – Fresh air always does the body good and don’t forget to walk barefoot in the grass whenever you can. (Find out why here.)
  • Get in the sun – Sunlight is proven to give your body Vitamin D and other nutrients we are just beginning to understand. Expose your skin and be outside without sunscreen or sun glasses for 10 to 20 minutes per day.
  • Get quality sleep – Create a sleep sanctuary, which includes limiting your exposure to blue light and wireless technology (especially at night). Find out more here.
  • Be mindful – Take a few minutes every day to mindfully go within to pray, meditation, contemplate, etc. Deep breathing is a great way to unwind and reground yourself.
  • Stay connected – Being social is important for your immune system. Stay in touch and reach out to others. Virtually you can use things like face time and Zoom calls but distance yourself from your wireless devices. (Lean them up instead of holding them.) Use your land line for long calls or start writing letters!
  • Be prepared – Be sure you have your natural medicine cabinet stocked and ready to go. This article will help you. More specific information can be found in C-virus Part 2.

In the meantime, some good nutrients to take now to keep your immune system in top shape include:

  • Vitamin D3 and K2 (liposomal brands work best, your body does not fully utilize D3 without K2)
  • Vitamin C (liposomal brands work best, stay away from ascorbic versions that are typically made from GMO corn)
  • Bone broth or veggie broth
  • Quality EPA/DHA in fish oils and other natural products
  • Fermented foods and/or probiotics
  • Minerals (including zinc)

Not all supplements are created equal, so select your supplements carefully. If you are interested in high-grade supplements that are typically more nutrient dense than what you can find in the store, please contact me or use my dispensary.

If you are already under the weather, you can find additional tips based on your symptoms in this article here.

And, if you are currently sick and need some extra help, make an appointment for a quick biofeedback scan to see what is going on and get a more specific healing protocol.

This article was written by Sharon Harmon, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website. Including additional suggested resources (books and articles) by topic, a pantry list that is gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free, and a healing foods list.

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