C-virus Part 2: More Safety Tips and New Dispensary Available

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There are currently multiple states in the US with confirmed cases of the current strain of the coronavirus (c-virus) and unfortunately some reported deaths, including in Tennessee. Now that it has hit closer to home, I wanted to remind everyone to stay calm and in a place of peace.

If you listen to the news, it brings you to a place of fear. So much of the news consists of small sound bites that do not necessarily give you the bigger picture. Yes, people are dying from c-virus or the disease known as COVID-19. But, the numbers are much fewer when compared to the annual number of people who die from the flu. And, it’s the people with a compromised immune system that are most affected.

In fact, some of us are walking around with a virus of some sort and do not know it. If your immune system is strong, it is often able to fight off microbes without any symptoms. Most commonly, this new Corona virus causes symptoms very similar to the common cold. (More symptoms explained below and in my newer article here.)

Remember what I wrote previously. Staying calm and stress-free is a big part of staying healthy. Instead of feeling the need to “fight” the virus, continue to concentrate on building your immune system (as I explained in more detail here in Part 1) and using tools like meditation, prayer, and deep breathing to stay centered.

Another way to stay stress-free is to be prepared, just in case you or someone in your family gets sick. Read on to learn more about supplements and other immune building strategies.

Your Access to Quality Supplements

One way to be prepared is to make sure your natural medicine cabinet is stocked, as explain here. Below, I explain some of the supplements more specific to viruses and what we are doing as a family for extra support now.

I am also excited to offer to my clients and readers a new resource for ordering professional grade supplements – access to my on-line supplement dispensary. These supplements (especially “my favorites”) are often superior to those found in your local health food store, being more potent and typically with less fillers, preservatives, etc.

Rather than coming into the office, you can now order directly from the dispensary either on-line after creating an account, through an app you can download, or by phone. (As my guest, you get 10% off retail and free shipping over $50.00.) It will also accept HSA and FSA cards!

Use this link to get to the dispensary. (The first time you go to the site you will need to use your email and “create an account.”)

Once you are logged in, you will be brought to a page that shows “my favorite” supplements, many of which are discussed in this article. I always select the ones with the fewest fillers and preservatives, ones that are GMO and gluten free, and organic whenever possible.

You can order anything in the dispensary; you are not limited to my favorites list. However, remember that not all products are optimal. You can also find soap and body products, pet-related supplements, food-based powders and teas, etc.

There are additional products that I carry in the office that you will not find using this link. Some of my top sellers in the office include: Thieves Oil, Solray D (liposomal D3/K2), Cistus Tea, drainage homeopathics, and multiple spagerically processed herbals.

As of next week, I am excited to be able to offer a new product called BioMoledular Oxygen, which is something that can be nebulized or diffused for extra lung support both as a preventative and/or if you get sick.

What My Family is Doing At Home

As a family, we continue to live our normal lives, going to work, shopping, exercising, etc. (As of yesterday schools in our area have closed early for Spring break.) However, we have also added the following strategies for additional support.


We are being more conscious with our food choices, doing things like:

  • eating out less often so we have more control over the quality of our food.
  • cooking with more garlic and using antimicrobial spices like thyme, oregano, and turmeric.
  • eating lots of organic vegetables, including broccoli sprouts, and organic fruits. (Pesticides, like glyphosate, kill off the good bacteria in the gut.)
  • adding powders rich in Vitamin C (see below) to our smoothies.
  • limiting our sweats (even natural sweets convert to sugar in the body).
  • eating more nutrient dense foods like bone broth, fermented foods, and bee pollen.
  • taking a probiotic supplement when probiotic-rich fermented foods are not readily available.


Additional immune building strategies we are sticking to in my household include:

  • Getting to bed at a good time each night so that we are getting at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • Getting fresh air and exercise out doors daily. Walking around in pesticide-free grass with bare feet is especially good to disperse EMF and wireless radiation from the body. (See more EMF detox tips here.)
  • Airing out the house on a daily basis, especially when it is sunny out.
  • Washing our hands as soon as we get home from being out and about. (We take some extra precautions before leaving the house as well, as explained below.)
  • Making sure we limit our exposure to wireless radiation by limiting cellphone use, staying away from Wi-Fi systems, etc. (If you have a smart meter and have not gotten a cover yet, they are currently on sale here. Click here to learn more about smart meters.)
  • Not watching or listening to the news which tends to create panic.
  • Running our air purifier in the bedroom area. My current favorite is the AirDoctor brand.
  • Drinking our purified water. (See this article for my recommended water purification system and get a 10% discount.)
  • Washing our clothes in soap with tea tree oil since the virus can travel on clothing, even your socks. (I use the tea tree body soap in the dispensary as laundry soap but you can add your own tea tree oil to your standard detergent as well.)
  • Limiting toxic exposure to our lungs by avoiding car exhaust, second hand smoke/vapor, and mainstream cleaning products as much as possible. The most toxic products in the house typically include mainstream laundry detergents/dryer sheets and air fresheners. (Some stores and many public restrooms also use toxic air fresheners.)
  • Making sure we have daily bowel movements. If you are not pooping good, your body’s immune system will not be optimal. (Find out more here.)


Below are the main products and supplements we are currently using daily. Most, but not all, can be found in the dispensary linked above.

BrioTech HOCL Spray – I have been using BrioTech with my clients to clear sinuses after mold exposure. However, this spray is also proven to inactivate multiple pathogens including viruses. It consists of electrolyzed water and hypochlorous acid (HOCL) which is naturally found in your white blood cells.

We spray it on our faces (breathing it in) before going out in public and when we get home for extra protection. There are many other uses as well.

You can spray it on anything in lieu of wiping down a surface with a toxic disinfectant, including your hands. If you feel the need, you can spray it on door knobs, steering wheels, plates and utensils at a restaurant, etc. It is not available in the dispensary but you can purchase it here. There are travel sizes too so you can spray yourself every two hours while traveling or using public transportation. You can also gargle with their SOS product. (Do not order too much at one time because it only has a 2-year shelf life. The bottle and sprayer are also unique to this product.)

If you can’t find the BrioTech spray bottles on-line, then order the larger refill size and use a diffuser or nebulizer. (I suggest a smaller hand held nebulizer, which you can find on-line.) Use a nebulizer to directly breath in the HOCL for short periods of time. You can also diffuse HOCL in a bedroom or office for 15 minutes every couple of days to help clear the room of microbes. (If using a diffuser, you need to use one that has not been used for essentials oils because the oils will neutralize the affects of the BrioTech product.)

Vitamin C – Vitamin C IV therapy has been used by alternative practitioners for years to resolve pneumonia. It supports the immune system by stimulating the production and function of white blood cells. Some doctors in Wuhan are actually using it on COVID-19 patients with great success. You can use Vitamin C as a preventative as well. (Last week I watched a video by a Chinese doctor in Wuhan speak about a family there using Vitamin C for both healing and prevention but it has since been removed from YouTube.)

Note, however, that many Vitamin C ascorbic acid type products are made from GMO corn so you need to be selective. It is optimal to take Vitamin C in both a liposomal form and a food-based form. Liposomal options, like that by Quick Silver, allow the Vitamin C to be more readily absorbed by the body. Food-based forms will offer a broader spectrum Vitamin C including its cofactors. Examples include CamuCamu, Amalaki, and Moringa powders, which can be added to smoothies. Rosehip is another good source of bioflavanoids and Vitamin C.

Typically, you can take as much your bowels can tolerance (i.e.: when you get diarrhea, take less). The most common recommendation for prevention is 1 gram twice per day but it really depends on the person. You can also use higher doses when you get sick. All of these products can be found in the dispensary. I also carry a food-based capsule option in the office.

Vitamin D3 and K2 – Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone that is used by every cell in your body. It is crucial for activating your T-cells, your immune defense. For optimal absorption, D3 should taken with Vitamin K2. Even better is to take both together in a liposomal version so it is more easily assimilated and absorbed at the cellular level. My favorite brand is Physica Solray D which is available in my office, but you can find another brand in my dispensary as well.

Trace Minerals and Magnesium – Minerals and magnesium are necessary for cell signaling, which allows your immune system to communicate throughout your body. Our constant exposure to EMFs and wireless radiation causes mineral deficiencies, so most people need to supplement these on a daily basis.

Cistus Herbal Tea – Cistus incanus tea is especially good for lung and immune health but is also known for its effectiveness against viruses. It provides antioxidant activity and supports the immune system. This tea is not in the dispensary but available in my office or here. (It is also available in supplement form here, but it is much more expensive.)

You can steep the same batch of tea up to three times, receiving different benefits from each batch. Store used herbs in the refrigerator between uses and reuse within 24 hours.

Other products that can help your immune system and provide extra support if necessary include:

  • Zinc and Lysine – Zinc is a negatively charged ion that is shown to inhibit viral replications and lysine helps the body absorb zinc and support the immune system.
  • Vitamin A (not beta carotene) – Vitamin A is a great antioxidant, has antiviral abilities, and protects the mucus membrane in the lungs. It is best obtained from food sources like quality cod liver oil (most brands use synthetic Vitamin D and A so read labels carefully), beef liver, or spirulina.
  • Elderberry.- Elderberry, also known as sambucas nigra, is a great immune builder but also specifically helps with mucus build up.
  • Colostrum – Colostrum can be helpful to repair immune cells in the gut but should not typically be used if you have a dairy sensitivity
  • Beta Glucan – Beta glucan is known for its immunomodulating capabilities.

These items are available in the dispensary, including some nice combination products like Pure’s Innate Immune and Th1 Support.

(All the dispensary supplements discussed above are listed as favorites when you first log into Fullscript. I will continue to add more over time. If something is sold out, see if a larger size is available or they will ship once the item is restocked.)

Products you should consider having on hand to fight infection include Thieves Oil, colloidal silver, olive leaf, oregano oil, berberine, etc. (See more here.) If feeling a little under the weather, for example, we use Thieves oil on our feet before going to bed. Many of these products will be in the dispensary. Other professional brands, including homeopathic options, I carry in the office.

(When it comes to herbal remedies and combinations, I find that each person has their own unique herbs that they respond to best. For optimal results, especially when sick, it is best to muscle test to find the best combination.)

What I am Doing In The Office

In the office, some extra precautions I am taking between clients include:

  • continuing to wash my hands between sessions and wiping down equipment.
  • spraying HOCL on worksurfaces and chairs where clients sit.
  • spraying Thieves Oil (diluted in water) throughout the office between sessions.
  • continually running an air purifier that includes UV light and special filters that kill microbes (including viruses) and mold.

If you want to have a quick check of your nutrient levels or see which products best muscle test for your personal use, please contact me to make an appointment.

Use Common Sense

It is still smart to wash your hands more often, especially when first coming home after being out and about. Other standard flu-prevention practices are smart too like sneezing or coughing into your sleeve (or better yet a tissue you can throw out), keep your distance from others, not shaking hands, staying home when sick, etc.

Wiping everything down, however, is another story. You can go crazy remembering to wipe everything you touch. Plus most of the recommended cleaning products, like Clorox, Lysol, and disinfectant wipes, are toxic. The chemicals in these products get absorbed through your skin and inhaled through your lungs which further compromises your immune system.

In my humble opinion, you are better off being conscious of not touching your face, ears, or private parts until the next time you wash your hands. Instead spray yourself with the BrioTech HOCL or Thieves oil diluted in water before heading out the door and washing your hands more often when out and as soon as you get home. (Or diffuse these in your home or office.)

All this talk about wiping everything down keeps you in stress mode. It keeps your immune system in “fight or flight” which is not good for your overall health.

You may also want to stock up on some extra food and other necessities just in case there is a forced quarantine. Some things are out of our control. Being prepared keeps the stress low. Bookmark the dispensary in case you need professional grade supplements sent to your house.

Things We Have Learned From Wuhan

We have the benefit of learning from the effects of the c-virus and COVID-19 in Wuhan, China and other infected areas.

Things we do know:

  • The most common symptoms that distinguishes COVID-19 from the common cold include a fever and a dry cough. (One report showed that a dry cough presents in about 75% of the cases. No cough typically results in less sickness.) Extreme fatigue often follows as well.
  • Based on Wuhan statistics, COVID-19 seems to affect men more than women. (This may be due to the high percentage of male smokers in China.) In comparison, relatively few children have been infected and/or produced symptoms.
  • Like flu viruses, this c-virus is more dangerous to those with compromised immune systems and the elderly.
  • In severe cases, the lungs seem to be the weak link. The people hardest hit need to be supplemented with oxygen and monitored closely in a hospital setting.
  • Some medical facilities in Wuhan have been administering high doses of Vitamin C to the sick using IV therapy with great results. (Dr. Brownstein in the US has been using IV therapy for years with great results as he explains here.)

I have also heard from multiple trusted sources that Wuhan and several other cities in China have been using 5G city-wide since late 2019. Other countries with high levels of 5G roll-out include Italy and Iran, also where the c-virus has been more virulent. 5G has been rolled-out in some US cities and was even available on the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined.

At this point there is no concrete correlation, but it is because of this information that I am advocating being extra diligent about our exposure to EMFs and wireless radiation at this time. We do know that wireless radiation effects our gut microbes, cellular communication, and many other systems in our body. (To learn more about EMF-reducing strategies, start here.)

Remember to Stay Calm

Stay calm and use common sense. If you have a concern, contact me and schedule an appointment. In additional to the information provided above, know that:

  • there are homeopathic and energy-related remedies that can counteract viral infections.
  • there are herbal and other novel remedies that can support your immune system when sick including support for your lungs.

Know that there are many ways to strengthen and help your body fight infection so that, if you do happen to get sick, you can come out stronger on the other side.

I am not afraid of the Coronavirus and you should not be either. See Coronavirus Part 3 for more information.

This article was written by Sharon Harmon, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website. Including additional suggested resources (books and articles) by topic, a pantry list that is gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free, and a healing foods list.

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