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New Techniques to Search for Quality Health Information On-line

UPDATE March 31, 2022. Since first publishing this article in September 2019, on-line censorship has exploded, especially as it relates to natural health. It is more difficult than ever to get reliable health-related information that shows more than the medical paradigm. This article has been updated to help you stay informed, so you can make the best decisions for your health and that of your loved ones.

If you like to do your own health research on-line, you should know that censorship has hit the natural health industry with a vengeance.

It was already bad enough in late 2019 that Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has one of the largest and longest running alternative health websites, decided to leave Facebook, leaving behind 1.8 million followers. By the end of 2021 he was forced to remove 25 years of archived natural health articles from his website.

Originally, the natural health censorship started banning certain topics like alternative cancer therapies and pro-choice vaccine information. Then it moved on to natural health therapies and health freedom websites.

Now many of the top alternative health websites and social media platforms, including those by licensed medical doctors, are being affected. If you search for a specific health-related topic, previously popular links are no longer being provided.
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How To Listen to Health Summits and Docu-Series

I am a big fan of self education, especially when it comes to your health. Whether you are working with a medical doctor or a more holistic practitioner, one person cannot possibly know everything. It is good to do your own homework.

As an active participant in your own health, the more you know allows you to ask intelligent questions as you work through your particular health issue. It empowers you and allows you to be a partner in the healing of your body.

There is so much great information on the Internet, especially when researching health issues. The problem, however, is that if you research long enough, you will notice conflicting information.

You need to look at the source. You have a wide variety of Continue reading