Getting Up to Speed on 5*G and Satellites

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You can recognize a 5*G small cell tower by the circular antenna on top and the large box-like power source attached to the pole. (The one on the right has the power source with a Smart Meter built into the pole.)

“Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century.  It is imperative health practitioners, governments, schools and parents learn more about it. The human health stakes are significant”. ~ William Rea, MD (Founder of the Environmental Health Center, Dallas and Past President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine)

Yes, technology can do some cool things and actually be really beneficial in our lives. But when does it go too far? Technology is progressing so fast with little concern for our health and the long-term consequences to the environment.

5*G “small cell” towers are going up in droves throughout the United States and the world, not to mention hundreds of 5*G satellites already launched into space. The pictures above represent just a few types of 5*G towers going up throughout Nashville, Tennessee. (Additional examples are shown here.)

We need to educate ourselves before it is too late. Let me explain below some of the issues and provide you with additional sources for you to learn and do more. Many tools will be provided to assist you.

There Are No Safely Standards

Did you know that the US government safety guidelines for cell phones have not been updated since 1996, back when we were using 2G technology and flip phones were just started to become popular? And, these standards only consider thermal (heating) affects of wireless radiation, not the biological effects.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) categorized RF microwave radiation as a possible human carcinogen (Group 2B), the same category as many toxic metals and banned pesticides. Many scientists throughout the world, however, believe it should be classified as a Class 1, definite carcinogen, just like smoking and asbestos.

There are now thousands of studies proving how wireless technology (and EMFs in general) negatively affects our health, contrary to what the telecommunication industry tells us. The effects of your exposure to these invisible frequencies are cumulative. You may not notice them affecting you now, but you may likely notice it in the future.

5*G technology is now being rolled out throughout the world. The telecommunication industry was not required to provide any biological studies proving their safety prior to launching these much higher frequencies. This multi billion-dollar industry lobbied hard as government agencies at the federal, state and local levels turned a blind eye. Millions of dollars were exchanged for the rights to certain frequencies and the ability to quickly deploy 5*G infrastructure and satellites.

Even worse, many government agencies have signed away our rights as citizens and land owners to refuse this technology or even be informed prior to launching this technology in our neighborhoods, our schools, our national parks, etc.

The most recent OTARD ruling (as explained here) makes it possible for you to be directly contacted by a utility company to put a 5*G tower on your property or home without the right to refuse. (If you are contacted, I encourage you to fill out the form in this link.)

Multiple Detrimental Affects

Some say that 5*G technology is less harmful than other generations of wireless technology because the frequencies are so high that they do not go far. That is true.

A typical 5*G frequency is in the millimeter range (ranging from 3 to 60 GHz and possibly up to 96 GHz*) and on its own cannot penetrate the wall of a building or go through your body like 3G and 4G frequencies. That is why 5*G small cell towers ultimately need to be about 500 feet apart or every 3 to 5 houses.

However, there are multiple problems with this conclusion:

  • Multiple Frequencies – Because of the short travel distance, every 5*G tower includes 4G frequencies to get around this problem. Every tower also has an additional electrical energy source to boost the signal. That means that a tower near you can have multiple frequencies and types of EMFs bombarding your home and your body. (See this article for more details.)
  • Damage To Our Bodies – Your skin may seem to buffer the rest of your body, preventing the 5*G waves from going deeper, yet a study as recent as July 2020 found that 5*G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells, which act like little antennas and re-radiate the man-made frequencies deeper into the body. The energetic receptors on our skin can also get damaged, which can cause a number of unusual skin problems like red patches, unusual welts, itchiness, etc.
  • Other Symptoms Get Worse – Most people do not realize that wireless radiation and EMFs in general are contributing to some of our most common health challenges we see today, things like diabetes, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular issues (such as heart palpitations and arrhythmia), depression, anxiety, infertility, and obesity. With a higher concentration of cell towers more people’s health will be affected. According to Dr. Beverly Rubik, millimeter waves further create unhealthy effects on the blood, disrupt the immune system, create oxidative stress, further disrupt calcium channels, and can cause cardiac complications.
  • Damage to Nature – These same millimeter waves affect the survival of other natural species. Scientists have proven that microwave radiation can be absorbed by insects, raise their internal temperatures, and interfere with things like reproduction and navigation. This includes the honeybees that pollinate our crops. These frequencies also disrupt the magnetic “compass” that birds and insects (including butterflies) use for migration. Plants and trees have energetic receptors as well, which absorb these millimeter waves. No one knows how our food supply will be affected long term.

These millimeter waves are not totally new and have been used by the US Department of Defense in crowd control weapons. The higher frequencies are also used in microwave ovens to heat food by exciting the molecules in the food, actually changing the molecular structure of the food in the process. How will these frequencies change us?

* Initially, 5*G will be in the 3 to 6 GHz range and up to 10 GHz frequencies, but telecom companies have plans to continually increase these frequencies, especially in urban areas that will need more bandwidth over time. The higher the frequency the more small cell towers required.

Satellites in Our Ionosphere

Satellites that house 5*G technology are another part of the problem. They are being launched in droves into our earth’s ionosphere to create a blanket coverage of the planet, so every person on earth can have access to 5*G. In fact, there are multiple companies competing to obtain this coverage, so there are actually many overlapping signals being send back down to earth.

Some of the companies approved in the US include SpaceX, OneWeb, Amazon, Samsung, Iridium, Omnispace, Facebook, Telesat, and Kepler. Yet, the US government is not the only country approving satellites; other countries are approving additional ones. As of March 2021, SpaceX alone has been approved in the US to operate 12,000 satellites and has filed applications for 30,000 more. More than 1300 have already been launched. There is no end in site as new companies get on board and new request are made and approved.

Arthur Firstenberg, researcher and author of the book The Invisible Rainbow, first wrote about these satellites and the potential problems in 1998!

Not only are these satellites sending concentrated beams down to the earth, but it is interfering with nature’s “global electrical circuit.” These satellites are literally taking over the earth’s natural electrical system, like putting the earth inside a high-speed computer, creating all sorts of havoc. This informative video and article explain everything in more detail.

Firstenberg summarizes the detrimental effects to the earth and the energies of our bodies in one of his recent newsletters:

“. . .  all animals and plants are polarized positive to negative from head to feet, or from leaves to roots. An electric current of picowatt per square meter amplitude flows from the positively charged sky to the negatively charged earth in fair weather, courses through the earth beneath our feet, and returns to the sky via lightning bolts during thunderstorms. Every living thing is part of this circuit. The current enters our heads from the sky, circulates through our meridians, and enters the earth through the soles of our feet. This current provides the energy for growth, healing, and life itself. . . energy provided to us by the biosphere. Oriental medicine calls it qi or ki, Ayurvedic medicine calls it prana, and atmospheric physicists call it electricity. It provides us energy for life, and information that organizes our bodies. If you pollute this circuit with billions of digital pulsations [i.e.: satellites], you will destroy all life. . . It is one thing to sit in front of a computer all day, or hold one in your hand. It is quite another to live inside of one.” (source)

Firstenberg, along with a few others, has been closely tracking the 5*G satellite launches. He also communicates with people all over the world who have recorded the bizarre health and environmental affects after each massive launch. Several launches occurred in March 2021, as he meticulously documents here. Another launch of 60 satellites by SpaceX occurred April 22 which is explained in more detail here.

Interestingly, the early March launch perfectly coincides with my unusually strong mold reaction, which I briefly talk about in this video, as well as my husband almost ending back up in the emergency room after weeks of feeling better from his recent surgery. Both occurred on the same day. See this Instagram post for a summary of common symptoms related to 5G satellite launches.

How to Get Involved

Much of what is going on is being done behind closed doors, some of which transpired while we were told to stay home this past year. Media outlets are not talking about it, since much of their funding comes from industry ads. Politicians are not informing us because they are often kept in the dark or do not understand the consequences. Many local authorities think their hands are tied because of certain Federal rulings.

However, things are changing. Some municipalities, especially where citizens have been more vocal, have been able to stop and/or limit the rollout of 5*G. See this comprehensive article for a list of cities, states and countries that are taking a stand. Much of this is due to grass root movements – people coming together to educate officials to instigate change.

Other larger organizations are actively trying to educate and organize groups to change things on a local level. If you feel called to take action, below are some suggestions:

  • 5G Space Appealonline document you can sign as an individual or an organization, asking to stop 5*G on earth and in space
  • 5G Crisis – a great resource with all sorts of tools on their website, including a comprehensive list of local groups in your state or area. It does not include the only group I know of in Tennessee, located in in Knoxville, TN, so there may be one in your area if it is not on the list
  • Americans for Responsible Technology – includes a special resources page to help inform your community
  • Environmental Health Trust this link includes more examples of what raising awareness can accomplish

Protect Yourself the Best You Can

There are those, like myself, who are like “canaries in a coal mine” and can feel the effects of wireless radiation, even more so now that 5*G and its satellites are being installed in droves. While individuals and various groups are trying to change the course of the roll outs, there are some things you can do to create some relief.

Most importantly, as I teach my clients, you must make your home, and especially your bedroom, a safe haven. Eliminate as much wireless technology as possible, as I continue to explain in my many EMF articles and Instagram videos. This includes Wi-Fi systems, Smart Meters, Bluetooth, and “smart” devices of all kinds.

When it comes to 5*G, make sure you do not have any smart devices that already include 5*G connectivity – like your smart phone, appliances, TVs, wearables, and computers. Devices that include a 5*G receiver are collectively known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). These receivers are being installed in everything from baby monitors to refrigerators to toothbrushes and eventually driver-less vehicles.

If a device has a 5*G receiver it is continually pulling the 5*G signal to you.

There are currently no consumer-based meters to check for the higher frequencies used by 5*G technology except maybe up to the 6 or 10 GHz range. (For example, the Trifield meter, as I explain here, can check up to 6 GHz.) Therefore, reducing the number of 5*G devices in your life is the best step you can take at this time. Limiting your exposure to all other wireless and electronic devices is also a must.

Additional protection requires a multi-step approach. We know that heavy metals, mold exposures, and chemical toxicity makes things worse, so you need to be diligent about the toxins you allow in your house and in/on your body. Targeted detox protocols and regular cleanses are also important. This includes grounding in nature whenever possible, as I explain in more detail here. Certain supplements, like minerals and magnesium, are also often needed.

Your basic clean lifestyle of eating well, drinking quality water, sleeping soundly, moving your body regularly, etc. are becoming even more important as 5*G and its related satellites are rolled out. So is naturally raising the frequency of your own energy field by praying, meditating, humming, chanting as well as clearing energy with things like tuning forks, sound, crystals, etc. (I will post more Instagram videos about this going forward.)

EMF pendants and smart device stickers can help, but there are a wide variety out there. Not all of them do what they claim or they may not be strong enough to counteract the newer, higher frequencies. I have also found that these can work different for each person depending on your particular issues and what you are being exposed to. I am currently experimenting with some newer products, which I will share in the near future. In the mean time, custom eeCards can be used to help you with your specific issue.

The next level of protection from these higher frequencies is putting up shields between us and the many invisible beams of radiation coming from outside our home. A metal roofs is one way to protect from satellites, for example, but this can be costly. A more cost-effective solution is shielding foil and paints, which can be used on the inside of your home on ceilings, walls and floors. However, as with any type of shielding, you must know what you are doing and either work with an expert and/or have a meter so you can check the results. You could make matters worse. (You would also need to shield windows with shielded film and/or drapes.)

I am still on the fence about shielded clothing (which typically uses silver threads), because if you have not properly grounded the clothing it could make matters worse. (The same goes for grounding mats.) If you do use the shielded clothes, I typically suggest to wear it over other clothes so it is not directly touching your skin. And, keep in mind that these fabrics can lose their effectiveness after multiple washes.

Personally, if I know I will be in a high EMF environment like when driving or flying long distance, I use a shielded hat and blanket for additional protection.

Going Forward

I don’t want you to live in fear, but you should be concerned. I do want you to be proactive with your health – review your living situation and the devices you use. Things might get worse before they get better – you want to live smartly.

Our bodies will adapt to a point but a wide range of man-made frequencies have been introduced in a relatively short period of time: 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5*G. It is hard to believe that cell phones have only been around since the 1990s. In 1996 there were approximately 17,000 2G antennas. By 2025 they are estimating over 13 million antennas!

In reality, our bodies were developed for the earth’s frequencies, more commonly known as the Schumann Resonance. It includes a range of harmonics, but has a fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz, which is also the frequency found in part of our brain known as the hippocampus.

If you find you are already reacting to EMFs and wireless radiation and need additional support, please contact me. There are things we can do to help you immediately and together we can develop a more long-term customized plan.

If you think you might be affected by 5*G and/or the satellites, I would encourage you to keep a diary of any unusual physical, mental, and emotional health issues. This will allow you to go back and track dates to tower installs and satellite launches. I was shocked myself when I found out a major launch coincided with my health issue as mentioned above.

EMF and wireless radiation illnesses are difficult to check through the traditional medical system. There are no standard tests for this and most doctors are not trained to look for these types of illnesses. You need to become your own health advocate and, when needed, work with someone who understands this world of EMFs and how they effect your health.

5*G technology might be bringing additional wireless perks, like faster speeds and higher bandwidths, but at what cost?

This article was written by Sharon K. Harmon, PhD, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health by looking at the body from a unique perspective. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website, including a healing foods and pantry list and recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free. She is also passionate about EMF safety.

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