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9 Benefits of Chia Seeds (And a Few Drawbacks)

chia seedsThere are many benefits to eating chia seeds. In fact, they are considered a “super food” because of the many nutrients they provide. And, as you will see below, they are packed with lots of good stuff.

However, you should know that just because it has been dubbed a super food, does not mean you should jump in and start consuming lots of it. Start slow and make sure it works well for you. One person’s super food can be another person’s toxin.

So, before I get into the benefits, lets look at the other side of chia seeds.

Things to Consider Before Eating Chia Seeds

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Chia Pudding Parfait

On its own, chia pudding* is a great treat when you are looking for something different. Something with texture and a little sweet. In this recipe, I combined the pudding with fruit to make a parfait, using raspberries and blueberries to create a red, white and blue version in honor of Independence Day.

As you will see below, chia pudding is simple to make. Use this recipe as a base and create your own yummy version. Some examples include eating the chia pudding with grain-free granola, stirring in some organic powdered cacao for a chocolate version, topping the pudding with nuts or seeds, or just enjoy it plain.

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients. Learn more about chia seeds here.

*NOTE: This recipe is high oxalate due to the chia seeds. You can substitute chia pudding with whipped coconut milk for a similar parfait effect. Continue reading