Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools AND Our Kids

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As my husband and I begin to look at different school options for our 11 year old son (who is currently being home-schooled), the thought of computers and, more specifically wireless technology (Wi-Fi), in the classroom has caused me to pause.

If you have not taken the time to educate yourself about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially the radio frequency (RF)  or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) being emitted from our cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, and many other wireless devices, now is the time!

Research is finally catching up to what many have come to realize instinctually: EMFs and EMRs are very, very bad for our health — contributing to mental health issues, all sorts of sleep issues, child behavior problems, unexplainable diseases, and even specific cancers. I am seeing the affects of it more and more in the clients that I see as well.

In your home and personal life, you have options. You can control how much you use your devices and put protection measures in place. You can turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use. And, you can convert your wireless electronics to wired options. (Refer to this previous post for actionable ways to reduce your EMF exposure.)

On the other hand, schools often have more than one Wi-Fi system in place, putting the children and the teachers in a constant exposure to radiation five days a week, 6 to 8 hours a day. There are wireless devices for teachers and staff, wireless devices for students, wireless utility meters and security systems, plus the cell phones and other personal devices both students and staff bring with them to school. Some schools even have cell towers directly on their property. All emitting radiation.

This is not good! In fact, certain countries have already issued recommendations to ban WiFi from schools – this includes Spain, France and Germany. Why?

Below I will share with you some great resources that tell you why, some of which are very brief but priceless.

Please take the time to read and watch the videos. I urge you to forward to friends and like this article and the sources below on social media. As you will learn, if we do not start speaking up for ourselves and our children, it will get worse, especially as stronger and more detrimental 5G networks start rolling out.

Especially for the Dad’s Out There

This is a 5 minute video by Peter Sullivan, an advocate for health and a Dad that healed his two sons of autism. He speaks directly to the Dads out there. . . as well as others who have a hard time believing what they can’t see. Exposure to WiFi is affecting you as well as your future children.

Peter also has a short video specifically for Moms.

Solutions for Schools and Mobile Devices

I recently learned about an incredible woman who is on a mission to remove Wi-Fi from our schools, and this is after she spent several years in her school district to raise the money to get all the wireless devices into the local schools.

Her name is CeCeila Doucette and she is a dynamo – posting lots of great information on the internet, giving presentations to her school district and various government agencies in her state of Massachusetts, helping to draft legislation for Wi-Fi projection, etc. I recently listened to her being interviewed, but you can find many of her videos on YouTube.

Two that I have watched and highly recommend include:

  • This one that provides some very viable solutions for schools as well as your own home, including specific ways to wire multiple types of devices so you can avoid Wi-Fi. (The last part of the video discusses additional books to read and possible meters to obtain.)
  • This very organized and valuable presentation is one that CeCe gave to her local Board of Health. (Early in this video she also shows you how to find the legal disclaimer for RF exposure that is actually in the “settings” feature of every iPhone.)

Theoadora Scarato, another advocate for reducing RF exposure in schools, is the Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust. Here she speaks about the dangers of laptops in schools and other initiatives and solutions, as well as the work being done by the state of Maryland to limit WiFi in schools.

A non-profit based organization in the UK called Wireless Education is helping to educate the public as well. (CeCe is part of this group too.) For under $10 you can take a 30 minute course so you can learn the facts and have knowledgeable conversations with your schools and other families. (It also includes a free quiz you can take to test your currently knowledge of Wi-Fi safety.)

Two Documentaries to Show Your Friends

More and more information is being discovered as people take the time to research and investigate. Last year alone, two great films were released that are very informative. Watch them as a family and tell your friends. You can also help set up a public screening in your community.

  • Generation Zapped (2017) – Investigating the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to the low grade radiation emitted from wireless technology, this documentary explains how Wi-Fi and EMFs affect our health and the health of our children – things like cancer, infertility, autism and ADHD, newly developing illnesses, and much more. You can rent it on Amazon.
  • Take Back Your Power (2017) – Having won multiple awards, this film can now be found FREE on YouTube. It exposes the many problems with smart meters which not only emit wireless pulses and dirty electricity but can also increase utility bills, present a risk of home fires and hacking, and ultimately allow utility companies to monitor how you use your electricity in your house. A school often has multiple smart meters, typically concentrated in one area. (To learn more about smart meters, see my previous article here.)

Recommended Books to Read

If you rather read a book, more are becoming available each year. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Zapped (2011) – Some books are quite technical, but this older book, written by Ann Louise Gillteman who is a natural health practitioner, is an easy read and gives some good basic information.
    • The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs (2018) – Written with a sense of humor, this book brings forth much good information about the serious topic of electromagnetic pollution, but in a way that is relatable. It discusses a number of studies as well as steps you can take in your life to reduce EMFs.
    • An Electronic Silent Spring (2014) – Not unlike the original Silent Spring book, which exposed the dangers of pesticides years ago, this book is written by an investigative reporter who brings together much of the history and many of the facts along with stories to explain the complicated topic in a way that is easy to understand.
    • Wireless Wise Kids (2012) – Coming out of Australia, this book is written specifically for children and is something you can read with your own kids so they can understand the dangers.

I hope and pray that you take advantage of some of these resources. We need to reclaim our health and the health of our children and limiting exposure to radiation is a big part of this. Watch the films with your kids so they are aware. Share these resources with family, friends, and lets start talking about it more openly, especially with our schools, our workplaces, and our government officials.

This article was written by Sharon Harmon, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles/recipes and on her website. Including additional suggested resources (books and articles) by topic, a pantry list that is gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free, and a healing foods list.

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