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Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools AND Our Kids

As my husband and I begin to look at different school options for our 11 year old son (who is currently being home-schooled), the thought of computers and, more specifically wireless technology (Wi-Fi), in the classroom has caused me to pause.

If you have not taken the time to educate yourself about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially the radio frequency (RF)  or electromagnetic radiation (EMR) being emitted from our cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, and many other wireless devices, now is the time!

Research is finally catching up to what many have come to realize instinctually: EMFs and EMRs are very, very bad for our health — contributing to mental health issues, all sorts of sleep issues, child behavior problems, unexplainable diseases, and even specific cancers. I am seeing the affects of it more and more in the clients that I see as well.

In your home and personal life, you have options. You can control how much you use your devices and put protection measures in place. You can turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use. And, you can convert your wireless electronics to wired options. (Refer to this previous post for actionable ways to reduce your EMF exposure.)

On the other hand, schools often have more than one Wi-Fi system in place, putting the children and the teachers in a constant exposure to radiation five days a week, 6 to 8 hours a day. There are wireless devices for teachers and staff, wireless devices for students, wireless utility meters and security systems, plus the cell phones and other personal devices both students and staff bring with them to school. Some schools even have cell towers directly on their property. All emitting radiation.

This is not good! In fact, certain countries have already issued recommendations to ban WiFi from schools – this includes Spain, France and Germany. Why? Continue reading