EMF Protection for Laptops, Tablets, and Cell Phones

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As many of you know, I am always looking for ways to reduce our exposure to  electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as I continue to pursue the health of myself and my family and see the detrimental effects of EMFs in my clients.

Below are links to some of the items I use and recommend – both for EMFs and for wireless (Wi-Fi) radiation (or EMRs). They can be used at home, in the office, or at school. Many are great as gifts too.

As you review the options, keep in mind that although these items may offer some EMF and wireless protection, the best protection is always to (1) limit your use of a device and (2) keep your distance from the device. Other suggestions on how to reduce your exposure are also included below.

Laptop Protection – Laptop Shields

You should never use your laptop or iPad directly on your lap. Instead use a protection shield or protection  blanket underneath your device to protect your digestive and reproductive systems from electrical and radiation exposure.

Better yet, get the device further away from your body and use your lap top on a table or desk with one of these shields underneath the device. These shields can also be used under a cell phone or iPod when in Wi-Fi mode to reduce the amount of radiation exposure.

The best scenario is to not use your laptop in Wi-Fi mode. Instead you should have it wired directly to your router or modem and turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setting on your computer. However, if you need to go wireless, these shielded pads/blankets help to block your body from some of the radiation.  I have checked this using a RF radiation meter.

If you want to take it one step further, unplug your lap top from the electrical cord when in use. Using your laptop in battery mode is actually better for your body. (BTW, you should avoid using any device, such as your cellphone or tablet, while plugged in and charging in an electrical outlet.)

Tablet Protection – Tablet/iPad Shields

When using a more mobile device like a tablet or iPad, it is easier to use a protection device that stays attached to the tablet, like this one. In addition to providing some EMF and radiation protection, this shield acts as a carrying case and stand.

Most people don’t realize that you can also wire your tablet or iPad to your modem so Wi-Fi does not always need to be used, especially at home. Check out this link to learn how. Once wired, be sure to turn off the Wi-Fi option on your router and turn off the Wi-Fi antennae on your device.

Cellphone Protection – Cell Phone Cases

I have used a RF radiation meter to check a few cell phone cases and, at the time, this case had the better reading. (The other companies linked above sell something similar.)  Flip the front flap around to the back when texting and close the flap when talking on the phone (even when on speaker phone). It helps to reduce the amount of EMF and EMR exposure.

Again, it is best to turn off your Wi-Fi signal on your cell phone when you are not using it. Your phone actually has multiple antennas that should be turned off as much as possible. This includes the:

  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • location antenna (ie: GPS)
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • mobile hot spot antenna

Limiting your exposure to all these wireless antennas as much as possible is the best option. I show you how here.

Keeping your phone in airplane mode will usually turn off all the cell phone antennas, but be sure to double check your particular phone. Some models require additional settings to be disabled separately. If you primarily use your phone for phone calls, I suggest turning off all other antennas until you need to use one of them.

For example, my Bluetooth and Hot Spot antennas are always off. (I do not use Bluetooth for anything – see below.) I turn on my location antenna only on the rare occasions that I use my GPS while driving to a new location (or when I need to use my Square account) and then turn it off when I am done. I turn on my Wi-Fi feature only when I need to download a podcast or new app.

(I go “old school” whenever I can, using my wired desktop computer for emails, searching online, and looking up directions before leaving the house or office. 🙂 )

Ear Bud Protection – Air-tube Ear Buds 

When making phone calls, it is best to use the speaker phone option so you can keep the cell phone as far away from your head and body as possible. The further away the better. In fact, every inch counts.

An air tube headset is another way to keep the phone away from your head. Use it to make phone calls and listen to music or podcasts.

It literally uses a tube of air between your device and your ears so there is no wire directly transmitting the EMFs and EMRs from your phone to your head and brain. I personally use this one. Here are other options by a company that makes air-tube headsets specifically for iPhones and Android phones. (Some have better sound quality then others.)

I suggest always avoiding Bluetooth devices, especially those that are used on the head like Bluetooth earbud and head phones. These devices are sporadically sending out wireless radiation signals to stay connected to the wireless electronics you are using. A Bluetooth ear bud, for example, is constantly communicating with your cell phone even when you are not on a call. It is not much different than continually holding the phone up against your ear.

(Some air-tube companies offer a Bluetooth option for the newer iPhone devices that do not have a typical audio output, but I do not recommend thisInstead you can typically use the Lightning Adapter that was provided with your iPhone.)

Note: I do not get compensation from any of these companies. I just like their products

This article was written by Sharon K. Harmon, PhD, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health by looking at the body from a unique perspective. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website, including a healing foods and pantry list and recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free. She is also passionate about EMF safety.

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