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TEETH Part 3: More Things You Should Know Before You See A Dentist

Dental work done incorrectly can potentially create severe health problems. It is really important to educate yourself and ask questions before you have work done in your mouth. In this Part 3 of my series on teeth, I will explain the pros and cons of various dental procedures.

In Part 1, I introduced you a tooth chart and a link so you can determine how each tooth corresponds to your organs and other body parts. You learned how problems with your teeth, such as cavities, gum issues, and/or infections in your mouth, can indicate health issues in other parts of your body.

In Part 2, I explained how the wrong dental materials and dental procedures can cause health issues if you are not careful, especially amalgam fillings. I introduced you to the concept of biocompatible materials and explained how to safely get your amalgam fillings removed and replaced.

In this article I give you an overview of other common dental procedures, including everything from a dental cleaning to a tooth implant. The tips below will assist you. Each procedure should be done with caution. In many cases, there is an optimum way to proceed.

You should also be as healthy as possible before having a dental procedure, making sure your immune system is strong, since the stress of the dental procedure itself can take a toll on the body.

Teeth Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned seems harmless enough, Continue reading

TEETH Part 2: Holistic Dentists, Amalgam (Silver) Fillings, and BioCompatible Dental Materials

Have you asked your dentist the important questions? If you are not careful, there are dental materials and procedures that can potentially cause other health issues. In fact, as I explained in Part 1, your teeth are directly connected to other parts of your body.

Dentistry continues to evolve, so keeping yourself educated is key. Knowing what to ask your dentist and becoming your own health advocate is critical. Ultimately, you want to be able to work closely with your dentist and make informed decisions that are good for your mouth and your body.

Below I cover many things you should know: the dental materials you need to stay away from, how to find healthier “biocompatible” dental materials, what you should look for in a dentist, and things to consider when getting your amalgam fillings removed. (In Part 3, I will discuss the pros and cons of other dental procedures.)

There is a lot to cover, so please keep reading.  I learned some things the hard way. My hope is that as you learn to look at your teeth and mouth differently, you can do it right the first time and stay healthy in the process.

What Not to Put Into Your Mouth

First, I want to discuss what not to put in your mouth: Continue reading