Favorite (Non-Health-Related) Books in 2018

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I read a lot. I read articles online, review research studies, listen to books and podcasts, etc. I read and listen to many things online, but to me nothing beats an old fashioned, printed book.

I admit that much of my reading is related to healing the body, mind and soul. There is so much information out there and the way to optimal health is getting more complex as our world gets more toxic and more complicated.

Every year, however, I try to get in at least a few non-health related books. I also have the opportunity to listen to audio books (or “books on tape” as I like to call them) with my son while we are driving around town. We always listen to stories on our family road trips too. There were some really good ones this year.

So for a fun end to 2018, below I want to share some of my favorite (non-health-related) books with you. . . And of course, I need to include my 11-year-old son’s new book in the list, as shown above.

PROOF OF HEAVEN: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
I have always been fascinated with near death experiences. This story is written from a new perspective – a skeptic neurosurgeon turned believer with all the science to back it up.

An incredible story about a girl’s journey to find her true path after growing up in an extremely dysfunctional family and a family that tried everything to hold her back.

THE ART OF PARENTING: Aiming Your Child’s Heart Toward God
Written from a Christian’s point of view, this book discusses a number of topics in an effort to help parents to work through how they want to raise their kids. I especially like the chapters on using devices in today’s world and helping children finding their purpose or mission in life.

THE SOUND OF HEALING: Unveiling the Phenomena of Wholetones
A true story of how the “Key of David” was rediscovered. This key is different from how the music of today is typical scored, but turns out to be healing to the body in many ways. A quick and fascinating read.

THE BOYS IN THE BOAT: Nine American and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Olympics
Great for kids and adults alike, this amazing story is a great description of what it was like in America in the 1930s and how a group of boys defied the odds.

I WILL ALWAYS WITE BACK: How One Letter Changed Two Lives
A must read for young adults about two people from different parts of the world with very different cultures and life opportunities. A girl and a boy started as pen pales, but ended up changing each other’s lives and the lives of their families.

THE INQUISITOR’S TALE: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog
Another young adult read. As you follow this story about three kids and a dog and the many twists and turns the plot takes, you truly get a feel for what it was like in the Middle Ages.

This article was written by Sharon Harmon, founder of Life Design for Health. As a “Health Designer” she has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website. Including additional suggested resources (books and articles) by topic, a pantry list that is gluten-free, dairy free and GMO-free, and a healing foods list.

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