How to Reduce Your Risk for Cancer – 7 Key Things to Consider in Your Daily Life

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astroblu-216We are all susceptible to cancer. In fact, each of us has cancer cells in our body on a regular basis. If your immune system is strong, it keeps these cancer cells in check. The good news is that there are many things we can do to keep our immune system strong and help prevent cancer as well as other chronic illnesses.

Below are 7 key things to consider. Be sure to take the cancer quiz too (see inset below)!

1 – Reduce Your Toxins
Environmental toxicity is estimated to cause 3/4 of all cancers. Babies come into the world today with over 200 chemical toxins in their body and we continue to accumulate toxins throughout our lifetime.

It is critical to live a life as clean as possible, being aware of:

  • the foods and drinks we put into our bodies (eating organic, eliminating GMOs from your diet, drinking purified water, removing foods you are sensitive to, etc.)
  • the products we put on our bodies (soaps, lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, makeup, clothing, etc.)
  • the environment in and around our home, work, and school (cleaning products, building materials, furnishings, EMFs, pesticides, etc.)
  • the dental materials used in our mouth (amalgam fillings, sealants, braces, root canals, etc.)

Reduce the toxins you have control over on a daily basis and be diligent about removing them from your body through regular detoxing.

The type of detox program depends on what you want to accomplish. There are many herbal and homeopathic programs available. Some specific detoxes, like those for heavy metals and mold for example, should be done with an experienced practitioner. (Removing amalgam fillings must be done very carefully and only if your body is strong enough to handle it!)

Other detox options include infrared saunas, coffee enemas, colon hydrotherapy, rebounding, oil pulling, body brushing, ion foot baths, among others.

2 – Consider the Three I’s: Inflammation, Insulin, and Infection
Constant inflammation, insulin issues, and chronic infections are all signs of a weakened immune system.

  • Chronic inflammation takes a toll on your immune system and can cause a myriad of health issues including autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses that get left untreated can lead to cancer down the road. The key to treating inflammation is getting to the root cause, not covering up the symptoms with medications long-term. It may take some trial and error to determine the cause, but it is well worth it! There is also a number of natural supplements known for their inflammation reducing capabilities – things like omega-3 oils (like cod liver oil), boswellia, turmeric, devil’s claw, etc. (Which one works best will depend on the person.)
  • Many people have some kind of insulin resistance, so depending on your body and your health challenges, limiting sugars and carbohydrates can make a difference. It is important to keep your insulin levels stable. Since cancer cells feed on sugar, even fruits can cause an issue for some people. You can monitor how you feel after eating different carbohydrates to see which ones may be an issue for you. Eliminating fake sugars such as Aspartame, Splenda, sucralose and even high fructose corn syrup is a must.
  • If you get an infection, such as the flu, cold or stomach bug, a healthy immune system can usually knock it out. However, sometimes these infections hide out in the body where you don’t notice anything is wrong. This is known as a low grade infection. In some cases, you may notice a low grade fever once in a while but not much else. If a low grade infection goes undetected for too long, it lowers your body’s immune system, making you susceptible to other illnesses.

3 – Increase Your Oxygen Levels
Boosting your body’s oxygen level is important because cancer cells hate oxygen. This is where exercise comes in – any type of movement not only stimulates the flow of oxygen to the cells but also stimulates your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system needs motion to help remove toxins from the body. Mini-trampolines are a great way to do this.

The important thing is to move your body, even if you have to start slow. Other ways to increase oxygen levels in the body include using antioxidant supplements specific to your needs as well as oxygen therapies such as deep breathing, hyperbaric therapy, ozone therapy, etc.

4 – Get Adequate Vitamin D
A good Vitamin D level is shown to reduce the risk of 15 difference types of cancers and increase survival rates in certain cancers. It actually acts as a hormone in the body, rather than a vitamin, so its effects are very powerful. Vitamin D stimulates immune function and can directly affect cancer cells, stopping new tumor blood vessel development.

The easiest way to get Vitamin D is getting in the sun without sunscreen; just 15 minutes a day can make a big difference. If you are taking a vitamin D supplement, make sure it is a natural D3 product, not the synthetic (man-made) Vitamin D2. Your D3 supplement should also include Vitamin K2 so that the body can synthesize the D3. (See more about synthetic vitamins here.)

5 – Reduce Your Stress Levels
Stress can include the usual culprits of working too much, being in a stressful relationship, having a death in the family, etc. However, not getting enough sleep and exercising too much are typical stressors that are often overlooked. Past traumas, whether physical or emotional, also need to be addressed. Check out my previous blog article on stress for more information.

Another stressor often overlooked is electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which are emitted from electrical devices, like hair dryers and digital clocks, and Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which is emitted from wireless devices such as cell phones, wi-fi’s, and iPads. Click here to find out more and learn how you can reduce your exposure to the EMFs on a daily basis.

6 – Replenish Your Probiotics and Eat Fermented Foods
70 to 80% of the body’s immune system is based in the gut, so constantly replenishing good bacteria in the gut helps to suppress the “bad bacteria.” These bad bacteria can create carcinogens in the body that could lead to cancer. An overabundance of bad bacteria can also create an environment that attracts cancer producing pathogens.

Our good bacteria is constantly being compromised by the use of antibiotics (which is also found in our food and water supply) and contraceptives. Many do not realize that genetically modified (GM) foods (soy, corn, canola oil, etc.) and even pesticides on traditionally grown foods are constantly killing off our good bacteria as well. These good bacteria help the body to digest food and expel waste.

Traditionally made fermented foods (like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir) typically provide many more strains of good bacteria than your typical probiotic supplement, which usually supply no more than 11 or 12 strains. Eating a fermented food with every meal, or least once a day, is very beneficial. Rotating your good bacteria sources is also helpful.

7 – Consider Using Enzymes
While I don’t typically recommend taking enzymes on a long-term bases because you don’t want your body to forget how to make its own, taking enzymes can be helpful. If your immune system (or your gut) is compromised, your pancreas may not be capable of making its own enzymes necessary for digesting your foods (and absorbing your nutrients), so using an enzyme with every meal is often helpful.

You can also take enzymes on an empty stomach to help the body strip the biofilms and fibrin that encapsulate cancer cells and other microbes in the blood. Pancreatic enzymes, made from actual pancreatic glandular tissue, are especially good for this.

Our bodies are wonderfully made and they are constantly self healing, but we need to give our body the tools it needs for this to occur. Use the list above as a starting point to improve your health, boost your immune system, and stay cancer free.

If you want additional help in making the necessary improvements in your life to reduce your risk for cancer or if you have already beat cancer and need help rebuilding your body, contact me at Life Design for Health.

Cancer Quiz
Do you want to determine your personal cancer risk? Take this quiz! It takes less than a minute to complete and it provides you with powerful results. After completing the quiz, if you want more information, you will be emailed a free eBook called 
22 Ways to Cancer-Proof You Life, which will provide you even more information on how to reduce your risk for cancer.

This article was written by Sharon Harmon, founder of Life Design for Health. She has a passion for helping people find their way back to optimum health. Please contact her if you would like to know more. There is a great deal of health-related information in her blog articles and on her website.

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